Ringtone Folly

Ringtone Folly
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Ringtone Folly
I had a disastrous start to the day job on Wednesday, when I slept in and never arrived in the office until 10:30am. I’d been called out for work at 2:45am, my phone blaring out and bringing me crashing back into the land of the awake with a massive thud.

I logged onto the company network and fixed the problem within an hour, but when I went back to bed I just could not get back to sleep. I was too warm and I could hear every noise in the house, but the worst part was, I couldn’t get my ringtone out of my head! It kept going round and round and round complete with flashing lights and all the characters from every fictional story I’ve every written, all having a party inside my head.

What’s my ringtone? Barbara Streisand by Odye$$y.

Inaugural Podcast
Feedback from the launch of my podcasting experiment on Wednesday has been generally quite good. Thanks to everyone who has listened so far and thanks a million to those few of you who fed back what you thought. I can only get better at it with honest opinions, and the best comments were the ones that were just that.

I’m already looking forward to episode 2, due in your podcast listening devices a couple of days before the book festival kicks off. If you missed Episode 1, point your browser over to my iTunes Podcast page.

I turned around all my short fiction that had been returned and got them all back out into publishing-land again. I re-read them all also, just to make sure they’ve still go something worth selling and I’m happy they do. And so off they went.

Tiredness played a major factor in last night’s work, though. I worked on a flash fiction piece I wrote last month and that has been sitting brewing, and it’s now one polish away from the submission circuit.

After that, I gave up and read for the rest of the night.

Now that my folks have settled back into life in the west of Scotland after their short holiday in London, the family are having a get-together tonight in Brown’s Restaurant in Glasgow. All 9 of us will be descending on one of the posher establishments in Glasgow’s city centre to celebrate my father’s recent 70th birthday. Prepare yourself—it promises to be a bit raucous.

Summer Newsletter
The summer edition of The Patter, my regular quarterly newsletter, is online over at http://ymlp.com/zOFh48. Make sure you subscribe while you’re there so you can get future newsletters delivered straight to your email, as well as being the first to hear about all the new releases that are coming your way.

Friday Vid
I’ll leave you with my Friday Vid for this week, and the inimitable Kevin Bridges. Here he discusses the difference between bus stops in Glasgow and Edinburgh—a class act! If you can’t see the video, click here.


Ciao for now!

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