The Last of the Workload

The Last of the Workload
Image: Glasgow City Council

Book Fest
It’s Book Fest Eve! Yup, after all the scrambles for tickets, arranging dates so as not to clash with social events, and ensuring there are no clashes with the day job, it is finally here. The 2011 Edinburgh Book Festival is only hours away.

I’m certainly as excited for it as I ever have been, but there seems to be something more this year. I’m not sure if it’s the events I have planned or the fact that I’ve had a great writing year, but this year it certainly has something new and different to it. I’m ridiculously excited.

I got through a tonne of work yesterday and it’s just as well because I really needed to. In order to wrap up the final tasks on my writing to-do list, I had to pull out a lot of stops. In fact, looking at the list now, I think I got through just about everything I wanted to except the podcast.

So anyway, back to yesterday and I had quite a few errands to take care of: food shopping, aquarium supplies, and I had to post the tickets for my wife’s West End show in London tonight. She’s ordered tickets for them all while in London except they arrived here in Leith instead of being kept at the box office.

Then it was work work work for the rest of the day: PR, poetry and chapbook work mostly, but there’s a lot of it on the go so my time was valuable. I never finished until well after 9pm, just in time for a cheese toastie and Coming to America starting on Film 4.

Final Day of 2010/11 GDR
As I mentioned, it’s the final day of my 2010/11 GDR—Goals Dreams and Resolutions—which is in other words the plan I set out for myself 12 months ago. Tonight I’ll begin the process of looking back over the month and then the year, before starting to look forward to the next year, much of which I’ll do during the book fest itself.

Despite Apple saying my iMac would be shipped between the 18th and 21st of August, I received contact last night to say it had already been shipped! Awesome service (assuming it arrives in one piece), but with it being so fast to prepare and ship, I’m hoping it arrives very soon indeed. I’m getting way too excited thinking about it now.

Come to think of it, I’m getting excited about a lot of things all at once—I could be about to implode!

Right, back to work, but before I go, I thought I would use this week’s Friday Vid to post some of the footage shot during the week of the horrific rioting that occurred here in Edinburgh. Prepare yourself—it’s not pretty.

Friday Vid


Click here to view

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2 Responses to The Last of the Workload

  1. Sounds like the rest of your August will be awesome. If you really take the time with the Apple early on, it will make everything else easier. The transition time is a bit tricky, but, ultimately, the Mac is more logical. If you get the iWork suite — oh, my iPages is the best for writing! And you can still save into .doc and .rtf.

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