Goals, Dreams, and Resolutions Year End Review

GDR Annual Review

Well, here it is, my annual review of my2010/11 writing year. This is where I take a look back at where I was one year ago, examine what my objectives were, and see if I’ve actually made any progress. As you will see, this year has been one of my best; lost of highs mixed with a few, and in one case very sad, lows.

Items that were not achieved are in red.

Highs of 2010/11


  • Wrote London-based chapbook
  • Wrote Edinburgh/Leith-based chapbook
  • Re-wrote GATECRASH
  • Coffee shop chapbook idea spawned
  • Involved with artist for SILLY POEMS VOL.3 illustrations


  • LETTING GO (ss) published in Open Wide Magazine
  • REGRETS (ss) published in summer issue of Dublin Quarterly
  • BUZZ (ff) accepted by Flashes in the Dark
  • THE FINAL NAIL (p) published on Every Day Poems
  • SELEKTION 3rd edition published


  • Deconstruction workshop at Savvy Authors: The League of Extraordinary Gentleman
  • Story Building workshop at the Muse Online Writers’ Conference
  • Savvy Author’s Course (One Story, Many Voices)
  • Supported the Confident Freelancer webinar
  • Full day novel writing course at the Edinburgh Book Festival


  • Invited to be a guest author at the Sharjah International Book Fair
  • Contacted by Alan Spence re my book festival blog.
  • Met Phill Jupitus and discussed his new book, poetry, ska and radio
  • Contacted by Glasgow’s Aye Write! Book festival
  • Resigned from positions of Associate Editor and Webmaster from the Scruffy Dog Review
  • Made many great new contacts & friends through networking/twitter
  • Approached by Louise Rennison’s publicist
  • Edinburgh Bookshop agreed to stock FF and SP
  • Guardian Edinburgh invited me to submit material
  • Got all Books on Kindle and FF on iBooks
  • Involved with writing poetry for the Trees for Life Charity Exhibition
  • Submitted recording of poetry to the PSH Blog Talk Radio show
  • Made a patron of The Sky Project charity
  • Launched the first episode of the Colin Galbraith Podcast
  • Application for media accreditation at the Edinburgh Book Festival accepted
  • Generated a lot of local publicity through City of Lit Story Shop article
  • Generated a massive amount of UK publicity during the London Riots
  • Officially join Savvy Authors
  • Re-subscribed to Writing Magazine
  • Purchased iMac
  • Jury duty
  • Saw the British Royal Family!!

Lows of 2010/11

  • Death of my Father-in-Law
  • Struggled with BACCARA BURNING for far too long
  • No serious challenge to NaNoWriMo
  • SLICK returned twice
  • Lost two weeks due to Wisdom teeth extraction
  • Application unsuccessful for Edinburgh City of Literature Story Shop programme
  • Lost News of the World gig after the paper was shut down in the wake of the “Phone Hacking Scandal”

What were my GOALS for 2010/11?

  • Complete all partially written manuscripts – achieved
    • Greener is the Grass – achieved
    • Baccara Burning – achieved
    • Gatecrash – achieved
  • Get at least one novel/novella published – not achieved
  • Write one new full-length novel – achieved
  • Publish a new chapbook – not achieved (5 chapbooks in production, though)
  • Read 42 novels – not achieved

How did I plan to structure the year to support my writing?

Read more, write more and continue to keep a balance with family/life more. Not much restructuring therefore required, but I need to focus on the time I do have more. – achieved

Where did I need to ease up on myself?

Can’t do it all at once. – achieved

What steps did I feel I needed to take on the technical front to achieve these goals?

  • Invest in an iPhone – achieved
  • Invest in a Mac Mini – achieved, though I upgraded to an iMac
  • Develop podcasting and other social media routes – achieved

What new and unique marketing arenas did I plan to enter to promote myself and my work?

  • Podcasting – achieved
  • Readings – not achieved
  • Promotion to book fairs – not achieved

What were my DREAMS for 2010/11?

  • To win a writing competition – not achieved
  • To have all of my completed manuscripts picked up – not achieved

What were my RESOLUTIONS for 2010/11?

  • Stay off the cigarettes – achieved
  • <personal resolution> – achieved

Where did I want to be with my writing in the long-term

  • I want to be regularly publishing fiction – achieved
  • I want to be recognised by my peers – achieved

How did I plan to change/compromise on the non-supportive elements in my life?

  • Cut out negative and non-supporting aspects from my writing life – achieved
  • Try and get across that I also need support in this endeavour – achieved

What did I feel I should do to refer to myself, first and foremost, as a “writer”?

  • I already do, but having more fiction published in paying markets will help – not achieved
  • I should also promote myself more and take any opportunities that arise – achieved

With what new type of writing did I plan on experimenting with in the coming year?

None (at the moment), though I am going to look into undertaking more writing courses – achieved

What new non-writing interests did I wish to add to my life in the past year

None (at the moment). – not applicable

What overall changes did I feel I needed to make in my life to achieve ALL of my life goals

  • Not allow writing to encroach on my family time and vice versa but to integrate it instead – achieved
  • Move further outside my comfort zone and put myself in more challenging situations – achieved
  • Network in positive areas as much as possible and be more confident about doing it – achieved
  • Maximise output – Maximise visibility – achieved
  • Think big – Think positive – achieved


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