The Party is Over

The Party’s Over
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The party is over; the fun’s all done! My hair has been truly let down and I have wound back down to zero. Three nights on the razz is more than enough for me anyway, but the end of last week really did help me get myself sorted and back out onto an even keel.

Pub Crawl
Wednesday night was great. I hadn’t seen my mate since the start of July so we had a fair bit of catching up to do between the two of us. It was also my first proper night out in a couple of months so the pub crawl that ensued left me with a bit of a hangover the next day. This was a bugger as I was due in Glasgow mid-afternoon?

Toots Gig
I met my sister in Edinburgh and we travelled through to Glasgow, met her boyfriend for a pint and some food in The Lab off Buchanan Street, then me and Binny went to the O2 Academy to see Toots and the Maytals. It was a massive let down (as my gig review detailed) and even though I received a massive amount of abuse for the review, I stand by it. Some people are unable to accept criticism of something they love because their spectacles are tinted. That’s their problem. The gig, in my opinion, was awful—end of story—but that doesn’t mean I have to take flack from ignoramuses with low brain capacity.

Day Job Bevvy
Friday I could probably have done without, but as it was the leaving back for my boss, whom I greatly respect and have thoroughly enjoyed working for, I wasn’t about to miss it for anything. We shared a few drinks and food in Whighams in the West End before I headed home pretty tired.

With the coming of the weekend, so too did the return of a semi-routine: coffee in town with a paper both mornings, then working in the house. And by that, I mean DIY season has arrived.

We’ve decided to undertake some home improvements before the end of the year, and luckily I have built this into my GDR! I decided to get stuck into scraping the 30 years worth of wallpaper and paint from the living room walls and ceiling. It’s one of the bigger tasks on our little list, hence why I devoted two weekend days to it, but the result will be superb and hopefully very quick.

That was pretty much my weekend. Today I am back on full day shifts at the day job, and then tonight I plan to get all my files transferred over from my Windows PC to my iMac. It’s time to get serious.

Tomorrow sees the beginning of the month long Advanced Dialogue Workshop I signed up for with Savvy Authors—I’m really looking forward to this one—and then I will begin work polishing the first manuscript up for my new writing year: BACCARA BURNING and the London chapbook.

Peace, out!

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4 Responses to The Party is Over

  1. If you get a wardrobe steamer for clothes, it makes it easier to get off the wallpaper. You steam it off. I’m not talking one of those little hand-held things. I mean one of those that’s the size of a vacuum cleaner on wheels with an upside gallon-jug, a pole (on which to hang clothes) and what looks like a vacuum hose, but the steam comes out.

    Everyone in theatre who works on their homes winds up getting one to take down the wallpaper. Leaves very little to scrape.

    A wardrobe supply place should have one. Call one of the big theatres and speak to the wardrobe supervisor or ask a dry cleaner or tailor where you can get one. Well worth the money.

    • Oh, how I wish I’d mentioned this before I started. The room’s all done! Just my luck but thanks for the tip. I’ll remember it for next time, which hopefully will be a long way off 🙂

  2. Mum says:

    You should have asked your dad – we have one which does a grand job I can assure you.

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