Writing Induced Insomnia

Writing Induced Insomnia
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I’ve been sleeping crappy these last few nights. It’s baffling given that I’ve been working my skinny white ass off and gone to bed knackered each night. I’ve no idea then, why it is I should be unable to sleep, and when I do, I only manage an hour or so before I’m awake again.

I’m not feeling stressed about anything in particular; no health, financial or career worries, but when I think about what thoughts are consuming me when I lie in the dark, there is one thing that springs to mind: GDRs!

My mind is jam packed full of all the things I want do this year. I suppose it’s inevitable having coming off the back of a great writing year and wonderful book festival, that I should then feel this urge to do everything all at once. It’s when I have time to think that it all comes rushing forth, like when I’m on the bus, stripping wallpaper, or trying to sleep.

I keep telling myself to slow down and take it easy—one step at a time just like I did last year. I feel like a horse in the stalls just waiting to power out onto the track.

The Advanced Dialogue Workshop begins today. Run by Devon Ellington, this is my third or fourth course with Savvy Authors but it’s my first month-long one. Normally they’ve either been a few days to a week but Devon has promised there to be lots of surprises and hard work. I wouldn’t expect anything else, to be honest, and I’m expecting to get a lot out of it.

My evening was spent working in the living room, finishing off the last of the stripping and then washing down a lot of the muck. The next stage is to sand the walls and ceiling. My arms are aching but I guess it’s good exercise if nothing else.

iMac Prepping
I also began the process of backing up my old Windows PC and transferring the working files I will need to my new iMac. Once that’s done everything will be much more handy but it means I can also setup and automate my backup schedule for all my files. It may be an iMac but I take no risks with my data at all.

Over the past few weeks I’ve been building up a new stock of tropical fish in my office aquarium. It’s pretty much full now and I have some cracking fish helping to brighten up my writing den.

I discovered last night, though, that if I lightly tap the left hand side of the tank all the fish swim over and gather in the corner to stare. If I tap the right side, they all turn round and swim over to do the same out the other side. It’s hilarious, but then as my wife told me when I showed her: “You’re easily pleased.”

Peace, out!

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1 Response to Writing Induced Insomnia

  1. Thank you so much for this post. I’ve linked to my own post about an uncommon insomnia attack experienced earlier this week. In fact, an essay held my sleep for ransom.
    Cheers and many good nights of deep sleep!

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