New Characters and Old Friends

New Characters and Old Friends
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I cannot believe how long this week is turning out. I’m sleeping again—always good when that happens—but I nearly tripped over my eye lids on my way to the day job yesterday morning—not so good—hate it when that happens.

Working Lunch
Lunchtime was productive, however, with the finish touches going into my final Edinburgh Book Festival article and the next podcast script. All I need now is to record and mix it, which I’ll be doing on the Mac for the first time ever.

The excitement never ends!

Advanced Dialogue Workshop
Since I received the initial materials for the Advanced Dialogue Workshop at Savvy Authors, I’ve been firmly planted in brewing mode; working out how I want to approach the exercise and challenge myself at the same time.

It came to me while I was melting paint off a wooden panel in the living room. The nugget popped in, rattled around for a while then settled, a bit like a ball on a roulette wheel but without the numbers—just words.

Suddenly, I could visualise my characters, see them form, hear them speak and feel them start to develop in front of my mind’s eye. I’m moving now and it seems as though I like where it’s going.

An Old Friend
I met an old friend for a coffee after the day job was finished. Wee Stoo is holidaying in Seton Sands with his fiancée, Fiona, and had spent the day in Edinburgh, so we used that as an excuse to get together for a coffee.

It was good to see him again because it’s been quite a while since we last spoke face to face. Life often gets in the way with some friends more than others it seems, but we always had the Madness connection to keep us going. That’s kind of how it is with many of my friends: we don’t see each other for ages then a Madness or ska gig brings us all together at once.

Unfortunately the rain was torrential when we left and by the time I made it home I was soaked through to the bone. But hey, winter’s just around the corner!

Peace and out, people!

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4 Responses to New Characters and Old Friends

  1. Wee Stoo says:

    Thanks for the mention my friend! It was indeed good to catch up and it has been far too long. Hopefully next time won’t be as long! And btw we also got soaked – bus took an hour or so to crawl to Seton Sands. Got in and fired up the gas fire – 3 bars!!

  2. Looking forward to reading your piece in class

  3. Diane says:

    You were on a high throughout the festival, and then came down with a bump. It’s not surprising you’re now in sleep mode. Get as much as you need when you can. This too will pass. 🙂

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