Changing Reading Habits Thanks to the Kindle

Changing Reading Habits Thanks to the Kindle
Image: Orionwell

Reading Habits
Hot on the heels of finishing the brilliant One Day, I started reading another novel, this time a JA Konrath book, an author I discovered while on holiday in Rhodes during the summer. I started Origin, a “technothriller” that should give me a nice change of genre.

Why am I reading so much these days? Simply really: the Kindle. I read at home on it then synch where I am. On the bus to work and during my lunch I can then pick up where I left off using the Kindle on my iPhone, synch where I am again and then pick up at home. Technology is seeing me eat up books like never before.

Have I ditched the paperback? Absolutely not! My bookshelves are crammed with books on my reading list and books that you can’t get on Kindle. It’s just that with the Kindle it’s increasing my productivity as a reader as well as a writer.

I posted my second exercise to the workshop board. I seem to have stumbled on an exciting little story that fits well with what’s being asked of us. Each assignment has its own twist while still being part of the original idea. It’s all intertwining and is enabling me to create an  intense situation with the characters.

Day Job
I was back in working an implementation last night until the back of 11pm so didn’t get much done other than that. Got to pay the bills etc., but generally speaking things are going very well. The place is feeling much more light-hearted since I made some changes. Rock on!

Peace and out!

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2 Responses to Changing Reading Habits Thanks to the Kindle

  1. I’m glad you’re having fun with the class!

  2. Stevie Ward says:

    I had a pile of paper books to read when I got my Kindle. Now that they are finished I cannot see me buying another paper book again. The Kindle is so easy to use. Buying books is as easy as reading them and, like you, I found I’m reading much more. Finally, JAK novels are great fun.

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