Four and a Bit Decades

Four and a Bit Decades
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My parents, Dave and Ena, were married 41 years ago today. Yes, that’s two score and one years ago – four decades and a bit – they took their vows in Mount Florida Parish on the south side of Glasgow. Three years later their First Born came along—ME!—and their lives were filled with such joy and happiness, mere words cannot do it justice.

I’m talking shite of course, I was a pain in the arse (I‘ve seen the video reels), but needless to say through my ridiculous antics they still managed to stay together and get to this monumentous occasion: 41 years!

Happy 41st wedding anniversary, Mum and Dad!

I buggered up my second assignment for the dialogue workshop. I spent too much time concentrating on achieving the requirements of the exercise through the dialogue, I totally forgot we had to keep it all to within one scene. I had one of the main characters move through three very fast, and I thought necessary scenes, in order to get where I wanted her.

No good. But by the time I went back and edited out the guff, it was already a stronger piece even before Devon got to it. No other revisions were required so there’s definitely something to take out of that lesson: am I writing un-necessary scenes or can I cut them in order to intensify the core of the story?

I wrote out my submission for exercise 3 for the workshop longhand in the coffee shop. It’s turning into a very nice little story but I’m positive I’m still only at the kernel of something much larger.

It will all depend, of course, which way the tutor takes us but that’s all part of the excitement: what will we be asked to do next?

I’ve done a lot on the initial layout and building of my wife’s new website for the other half of her photography business. It’s for her boudoir photography services, and as a result is probably one of the most enjoyable websites I’ve ever been asked to build.

I’m trying out some new ideas on this one; trying new coding skills and design ideas that I’ve never done before; challenging and fun and always a good respite from the literary world. It keeps things balanced but not too much. I wouldn’t want to wander too far off in the other direction.

Origin is enjoyable but not as enjoyable as other books I’ve read lately. I don’t think (so far) that it’s Konrath’s best but it’s still a good read. It’s typically him but I have to admit to wishing I’d selected one of his Jack Daniels mysteries instead. I’m right in the mood for one as I really enjoy that series.

Peace and out!

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3 Responses to Four and a Bit Decades

  1. For the purposes of the exercises, we don’t need to see all the scenes you need to write to get there; however, near the end, we will be talking more about additional scenes.

    I think you’ve got the kernel of something really good here!

  2. Mum says:

    Thanks FB. Don’t beat yourself up as you take after your father. The good things about you, and there are many, you take from me!! (I take it this is in lieu of a card,?!!!)

  3. Mum says:

    A thousand apologies – your card arrived today. Thanks FB.

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