The Daily Mail and Amanda Knox

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The Daily Mail
The now widely reported error of judgment by the Daily Mail, when it wrongly published that Amanda Knox had been found guilty by an Italian appeals court, has already fallen into the stuff of legendary media balls-ups.

It needs hardly be said how disgusted people felt towards the newspaper, that in the rush to be first to publish the news by mere seconds before everyone else, mistook the “guilty” announcement to reference all charges being appealed, and not just the defamation one.

It’s another embarrassing blow to the Daily Mail, but the wider implications of which, are addressed in this excellent article by Steven Baxter of The New Statesman. Just where exactly do incidents like this leave the state of journalism, and the position of the reporting media in the country and people’s expectations today? What now for the British Press?

Okay, so you can’t believe all you read even in the Daily Mail, and it would have been a foolish editor not to have prepared anything for either eventuality as the Knox verdict was read out, but to go to the lengths they did with misrepresented quotes and a clear personality hatchet job, it leaves a very bad taste in the mouth.

After the News of the World scandal, one might have hoped the British media had learned a valuable lesson, but it appears not. Newspapers are a law unto themselves, taking the attitude that they will break the rules if it means higher sales and face the consequences later.

But for how long?

Maybe it’s a good thing that sales of hard-copy newspapers are falling to dangerous levels, and we should hope that when the paper owners gather around a large table and finally decide to go digital-only, they might also address the fact that they will have to do something pretty major to win back the trust of the public.

For my own tuppence-worth, I’m glad to see Knox and Sollecito released. Looking at the facts and avoiding all the character assassinating that went on, the case has more holes in it than a bowl of Italian macaroni.

Some people are saying she wasn’t found innocent, but that’s not logical in the sense that she was found guilty in a corrupt trial, therefore, in the absence of being able to prove it and the manner of her acquittal (which by definition means “free of any charges”), yes, she has been proved to be innocent yet jailed for a crime not committed. I believe the Judge’s statement also clarifies this to be the case.

I can only hope she stays in the States and doesn’t follow through with the indication she might sue or seek legal reparation. If I was her, I wouldn’t set foot in Italy again.

I spent my evening finishing the design of my new business cards, bookmarks, and stickers. The business cards I’ve needed since the News of the World folded, and the bookmarks and stickers are for when I visit the kids down at The SKY Project later in the month. I figured they might like some freebies to take away with them. They’re quite cool, I gotta admit.

I finished the first (very) rough draft of the essay on paranormal/magic fiction I was asked to contribute. I’ve got the meat of it down but the launch is proving difficult. I just need that spark for a first sentence to get it rolling, but it hasn’t come to me yet. It will; always does.

New Novella
I re-drafted out the scenes for the new novella from where we ended the workshop. I didn’t like what I had from the first idea splurge. I’ve decided to turn into more of a thriller, in fact, it took on a whole new shape once I decided I wanted to go more hardcore with it as opposed to leaving it as it was, which was as a romance story and that wasn’t doing it for me.

I like to be excited while I write something and I like to create tension and suspense. Coincidentally, those are also the kind of books I like to read (not restrictively), so I guess that’s just where I sit as a writer.

Peace and out!

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  1. I think turning it into a thriller is a great idea. It raises the stakes for everyone.

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