A ‘Special’ Day’s Work

A Special Day’s Work
Image: KGB Clothing

A decent day’s work.

My final two blog posts from the West Port Book Festival went live over at my (Unofficial) Edinburgh Book Festival Blog:

Click here to read David Gaffney & Hannah McGill.

Click here to read Rob Shearman.

My West Port blogging seems to have gained some favourable feedback despite me only being able to attend three events. My tickets for the ones I couldn’t make were handed back so at least others got the chance. It was a worthwhile venture – I enjoyed it.

My humiliation on Thursday night (remember when I stumbled into those stools and then out the door of Edinburgh Books?), seems to have turned itself into a minor PR coup. The incident was picked up by the blog for local television channel, STV Edinburgh. Read the STV article here.

Elsewhere, the website for my new poetry pseudonym is almost complete. The content is now in place and all I need now are to convert the front covers, prepare the audio and the video files, and it’ll be good to go. Then, and only then, shall I announce the launch.

And I made a right good dent in the work required to re-launch my main website in preparation for all the fiction projects I have coming up over the next year. I have to say, it’s looking fabulous and I’m very happy with the way it’s looking so far.

The Specials
I won’t be in the day job for long today as I’m heading through to Glasgow this afternoon for some partying before the main event tonight.

The Specials are back in town!

I’ve found the build up to this one hard going, mainly because of the venue. It’s at the SECC, which is open and large and has a traditionally crappy atmosphere, so that it doesn’t lend itself very well to gigs of this nature.

Now that the day has arrived, though, I’m quite excited about it, because after all it IS The Specials and I’m sure I’ll have a good old dance and skank to the greatest of all British ska bands.

The Specials provided much of the soundtrack for me growing up as a young lad – Ghost Town, Gangsters, Too Much Too Young – and so hearing the music live will be enough to send me into a frenzy. After the bevy I’m due to consume this afternoon and later with my sister, Binny, it’s probably a certainty as a child-like fever sweeps over me.

The key thing to remember is: it’s good to be alive and enjoying it.

It’s going to be a very “special” day.

Peace and out!

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Keen runner, thriller author, Madness fan, Mets fan, St Mirren fan/owner, rabbit tamer, outstanding fake faller. Loves cannolis & espressos. #LFGM
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  1. I hope you have a wonderful time!

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