Jo Nesbø Catches Scorsese’s Eye

Jo Nesbø Catches Scorcese’s Eye
Image: Jo Nesbø

The Crime Fiction Crown
I’m not in any way surprised to hear that Norwegian crime writer, Jo Nesbø, is to have one of his novels turned into a movie. Not only does this cement his reputation as one of the leading lights in European crime fiction, but to have it directed by Martin Scorsese is testament to his brilliant novels.

Scotland was once famous for its crime fiction, with so called “Tartan Noir” being at the cutting edge of crime fiction in the world of literature. Thanks to Nesbø, Norway has stolen that crown off us, and it’s little wonder. His work is brilliant, and it’s up to us Scots to steal the crown back.

If you’re looking for something new in crime fiction until my next book comes out, check Nesbø out. He sells a copy of one of his books every 23 seconds and you’ll find him here:

The Famous Peacock
My parents have been in town all week, doing the touristy stuff and some shopping (Christmas gifts for their first born hopefully).

Last night we all got together and had a meal at The Peacock Inn in Newhaven. It was my father’s choice, one that had no complaints from me given that I love the place; their haddock is the freshest this side of the Campsies.

Other than a couple of tables we had the place more or less to ourselves. It was a good laugh; lots of stories and banter, and of course, great grub. Needless to say I had The Whale: two large pieces of haddock in batter with chips and peas. It’s a meal only for the heartiest of diners, and although he said it would be easy, it beat my father into submission.

I, on the other hand, cleared my plate.

The Marketing Cycle
I’ve noticed a drop-off in the take-up of my 3 Free Ebook Deal—I think I’ve squeezed the majority out of Twitter and my Facebook friends as much as I can. Therefore, I’ve decided it’s time to take the advertising to a new level, because the more people that sign up for it, the better.

I drew up a list of all the websites and magazines that I should be contacting in order to reach potential readers for my books. Crime magazines, websites and forums, places where avid readers gather, and also specialised advertising.

I took out a Facebook advert last night to target non-friends that fit mutual interests, i.e., crime fiction, reading, etc., and based in the UK. That opened my up to circa 3.5 million readers. After 10 minutes, 23,000 people had had my advert displayed on their screen, and several had signed up for the offer.

I think I could be onto something here.

It’s tough work the marketing game, but it’s showing benefits, inside and outside my circle. With the first of the three crime novels on offer only a couple of months away from being released, it’s an important time to capitalise on the offer, which feedback already garnered is a brilliant idea.

The final check and revision of SLICK is now under way. It’s already been through the beta-reader process and has had a lot of the feedback already applied to it, so it’s in good nick. This is the first time I’ve read it in over a year, so it’s enjoyable being back with Ronnie, and I’m getting a good oversight of the book’s flow.

I received the first feedback from one of my beta readers last night concerning my first attempt at a sequel, the tough written, BACCARA BURNING. The general feeling is that it’s a fine book.

I’m delighted. As you’ll know, this was a tough book to write, and so for the first comments to come back to be so positive fills me with much confidence. There will be minor changes to make that have been picked up, but overall, it’s looking good.

Cover Art
I’ve approached the artist who I bought the book cover off through Blasted Heath last week, JT Lindroos, to do the cover for SLICK and also for GREENER IS THE GRASS, which will be out in the spring in time for summer.

His work is superb and I’m excited to see what he comes up with.

That’s all for today except to wish all my American friends and colleagues a wonderful Thanksgiving Day celebration, and to remind you of all the offers that I currently have running just now…

The 3 Ebook Deal and Free Poetry
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Peace and out!

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