Study Leave

Study Leave
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It turns out there was more to the University of St. Andrews story I mentioned in yesterday’s blog post. What wasn’t reported in the press (or it may be that I missed it) was the revelation that the masturbation notice was nothing more than a scam!

Suckered in indeed, so although it provided much tongue-in-cheek mirth over this side of the Forth, the clever signage was nothing more than an in-house prank that unfortunately went viral. Or maybe that was the intention, who knows?

The follow-up to the story was kindly pointed to my by Niall Scott, Director of Communications at the university, who pointed me in the direction of an from Deadline News. [Click here to read the article].

Another Restaurant
Yet another meal out yesterday, this time with the team I work with in the day job. A new Indian restaurant has recently opened up near the office, so we decided to give The Spice Pavilion a try out.

I got there early and got stuck into a pint of Cobra, and when everyone else arrived we ordered. It was a basic business lunch menu consisting of a small range of medium to hot curries. I plumped for the vegetable pakora and lamb jalfrezi with pilau rice. It was a small dish that arrived, but it was ample for what was being asked as payment and just enough so that I wouldn’t be falling asleep at my desk later in the afternoon.

Standard Grades
The preliminary round of exams for next year’s Standard Grade students begins on Monday, and so last night (and much of the last two weeks) has been given over to helping my daughter with her studying.

Through my own experience as a student and with my own Dad, and through the training and experience I have in mentoring and coaching at my day job, I’ve been able to help her come to grasp with the examination process, build her confidence, and hopefully, prepare her as much as she can be for the exams.

Last night, and for most of this weekend, my work has revolved around this, which hasn’t damaged my own work timetable too much to be honest, and has provided a new connection between the two of us that neither of new existed. It’s been a very valuable exercise.

Poetry and Fiction
Around all the studying, I prepared the new front cover of the forthcoming edition of SILLY POEMS FOR WEE PEOPLE, to be published under my pseudonym, Chas Stramash. The main thing I need to get done is to scan in the original illustrations and then the book won’t be long to produce thereafter.

I also managed to get in another chapter of SLICK. I’m hoping to make significant process with this over the course of the weekend.

The Weekend
Obviously most of my time will be required with study help, but I also have a bunch of stuff to get done around the house and lots more work on SLICK. If there’s time, I also want to get closer to the final draft of LIVING LEITH.

That’s all for today except to remind you of all the offers that I currently have running just now…tell all your friends about the 3 Ebook Deal—it’s an absolute steal!

The 3 Ebook Deal and Free Poetry
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Peace and out!

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2 Responses to Study Leave

  1. I am in the wrong job – I never get to eat out. Fish finger sandwiches on a good day… or soup… that’s about it. Maybe I’ll order a take away one day. Silly Poems for Wee People is a lovely title, and as I’m fairly wee, I may end up buying it.

    • There’s nothing quite like going to the pub in the afternoon, then a quality Indian restaurant for a curry in the evening. A perfect day! 🙂 Thanks re Silly Poems – wait until you see the illustrations, I’m thrilled with what the artist came up with.

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