Toilet Decisions

Toilet Decisions
Image: PetTastics

I must have stayed up way too late working on SLICK on Sunday, because I was shattered yesterday morning on the way into the day job. It took copious amounts of coffee to get me up to speed, and just when I finally managed to pull open my eyelids, I remembered I was on a half day.

That woke me right up!

The main reason for the half day, was of course to help my daughter prepare for her exams. She has more today and then we have a day off, but today is a biggie. She’s gonna do grand!

We’re also moving into the final stages of the DIY work we began a few weeks ago. The target is for us to get to a certain point before Christmas, mainly because I refuse to have a Christmas without a real-life tree in the house, and also because we’ll need to have somewhere we can open our pressies come the big day.

When I wasn’t DIY’ing it or helping to study, I got a good amount of work done.

On the way home from the day job I stopped into a place to leave the original illustrations for SILLY POEMS FOR WEE PEOPLE. The bloke said it would take at least 24 hours, but he called later in the afternoon to say they were ready. I’ll collect them today.

I started assembling November’s GDR monthly review and then rolling forward into December’s plan. The great work I’m getting through on SLICK is helping to bring forward the dates on all my projects, which is good news for the writing of my next novel.

No work got done on SLICK last night—I did so much over the weekend I needed to relax my brain from it for a day—which gave me time to spend on the manuscript for LIVING LEITH. I’ve dropped three poems and one is in the balance; they just don’t cut it for this piece of work—crap poems and the ideas don’t add anything.

Overall, it’s beginning to look quite hot now. I have to make a decision very soon on what to do with it, which is something I’ve placed on my To-Do list for today. It’s what I class as a “Bog Decision”, i.e., I’ll figure out the answer during my morning trip to the toilet.

I worked through all the outstanding submissions for the Ranfurly Review. Issue 18 for March is now full and June 2012 is starting to fill up. Being ahead with the publishing game makes life SO much easier.

Some news came in from the 2011 Trees for Life Charity Art Exhibition, which featured more than 180 original works of art from all over the world, and which raised over £5,000 towards the work of Trees for Life.

Every single one of the 158 artists that took part in the exhibition has had a tree planted in their honour—me included! The new grove consists of 158 brand new trees that were planted when the grove was set up; one tree for every artist who contributed artwork to the exhibition!

How cool is that? [Read more about the new grove here]

Today’s going to be another busy day. I’ve got some time off from the studying, but I’ll be back into SLICK this afternoon with a view to completing it some time this week. I also have to collect the scans for SILLY PEOPLE, and then I have a meeting with my illustrator, Kamila, in Leith. If there’s time, I’ll try and pop up to the Literary Salon in Edinburgh, but at the moment, it’s going to be tight.

That’s all for today except to remind you of all the offers that I currently have running just now…tell all your friends about the 3 Ebook Deal—it’s an absolute steal!

The 3 Ebook Deal and Free Poetry
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Peace and out!

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