Not Even Hurricane Bawbag Can Squelch the Scottish Humour

Not Even Hurricane Bawbag Can Squelch the Scottish Humour
Image: Spoof

Yesterday was probably one of the most exciting days Scotland has had with regards to the weather, in decades. And while the aftermath of the storm will mean a lot of cleaning and tidying up, in true Scottish fashion, we didn’t let it get us down.

We had a hurricane!

As trees were toppled, buses and lorries blown off roads, roofs relocated, and trampolines despatched to new gardens, the great Scottish public laughed in the face of adversity, naming the worst storm to hit our small country with gales of up to 165mph, as Hurricane Bawbag.

It went viral, and the twitter hash-tag #HurricaneBawbag quickly became the no.1 trending topic worldwide. Only in Scotland! If you don’t know what a Bawbag is and why we named our favourite hurricane after it, read this brilliant article by STV that pretty much sums everything up.

The two-finger salute to Hurricane Bawbag didn’t stop there either, as t-shirts quickly became on sale in Glasgow, wind turbines exploded under the strain, Edinburgh’s new Giant Pandas were spotted making a mad dash for China, and the BBC joined in with some classy weather reporting.

It’ll take more than a bad storm to squelch our approach to life!

Elsewhere, I shifted the manuscript for LIVING LEITH into the 90th percentile—it should be complete by the end of the weekend—and I fully completed the third and final edition, the illustrated version, of SILLY POEMS FOR WEE PEOPLE. Job done!

It looks pretty damn good I have to say, and barring any problems when the proof copy arrives some time next week, it will be good to go.

Friday Vid
This week’s Friday Vid, simply has to be the video that captured the Scottish people by storm yesterday (if you’ll excuse the pun). Check out this bloke, who when filming Hurricane Bawbag from his window was met with an interesting and hilarious surprise. Click here if you can’t see the video.


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Peace and out!

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1 Response to Not Even Hurricane Bawbag Can Squelch the Scottish Humour

  1. Brenda says:

    Ha! You’re having our hurricane weather. I hope you didn’t experience any wind damage. Have a wonderful weekend.

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