The CG Awards – My Best of 2011

Well here we are already, the end of another year. In only a coupe of days we shall slip noisily and cheerily from one year into another (I will, at least!), and then a new year shall dawn.

2012 holds a lot of promise for me; I have a lot of writing projects coming to fruition in both fiction and poetry (as Chas Stramash). But before I sign off for another year, I’d first like to wish everyone a brilliant Hogmanay, whatever you’re doing. I’ll be leaving for a short holiday to the highlands as usual, during which time I’ll be consuming lots of whisky, Bloody Mary’s, and perhaps the odd beer or two.

To see me out of my 2011 blogging duties, then, here is my “Best Of list for 2011”. I’ve decided to call these the CG Awards, given to my top likes from literature to music, and other numerous oddities.

So, until 2012, slàinte mhath!

Best Album bought: Kid Canaveral, Shouting at Wildlife
Best Gig: Roger Waters, The Wall at the O2
Best Scottish Musical Discovery: Rachel Sermanni
Best Musical Discovery: Dungen

Best Fiction Book Read: One Day by David Nicholl
Best Crime Fiction Book Read: Smokeheads by Doug Johnston
Best Non-Fiction Book Read: The Fry Chronicles by Stephen Fry
Best Poetry Book Read: Under the Pier by Salena Godden
Best Poet Discovery: Catherine Brogan
Best Author Discovery: David Gaffney

Best Film (cinema): Neds
Best Film (DVD): Inception

Best Meal: A Room in Leith (5th March).

Best Sesh: London with Gail in May: 4 day and nights on the razz with a Roger Waters gig right in the middle of it all.

Best Celebrity Encounter: Not celebrity and never met, but seeing all senior Royals at once for the Royal wedding in July was awesome.

Single Most Embarrassing Moment: taking a diving header while trying to climb over a stool, in Edinburgh Books at the West Port Book Festival.

Single Most Memorable Moment: Dave Gilmour appearing unannounced for to play the guitar solo for Comfortably Numb, at the Roger Waters gig.

See you all in 2012!

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1 Response to The CG Awards – My Best of 2011

  1. Diane says:

    Have a great new year, Col. 🙂

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