Rape Jokes are Not Funny

I’ve never been one to re-blog other people’s posts but this one is worthy. Not only should JF Derry be commended for heckling (I’ve never had the guts) but to make his case so fully like this has changed my opinion on something I’d never really given much thought to (to my shame). What’s even more worrying is Daniel Sloss’ attempt at deflecting the issue with his opinion while refusing to even read the article.

Read on….

*** Trigger warning for discussion of rape and rape jokes ***

I caused a bit of a twitterstorm this morning, moaning about misogyny and rape jokes during two Edinburgh Fringe Festival gigs we attended last night. This is now me, trying to work it out, in the way that writers often do try to work out a problem, by writing about it.
It actually started last night, during the aforementioned gigs,
Tom Stade. Don’t bother.
11:21 PM – 25 Aug 12
This tweet was after we walked out halfway through Stade‘s act at the Pleasance Ace Dome. He started well, with a “wedding video” supposedly from Las Vegas. If it was genuine, then it was him getting hitched seventeen years ago. The theme of his set then followed the deterioration of his sex life with his wife, parodied against the sex life of a couple in the audience who were relentlessly…

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