What’s Up for 2013?

2013About the only thing I managed to do during the latter half of last year was put together a plan of work for the new 2012/13 writing year – that’s September onwards.

Obviously, that’s been nothing short of a disaster so far since eff all happened.

So over the weekend I figured this might be a point to start off from; I can take the plan I had, whittle it down and use it as a launchpad of sorts to at least get me moving again.

This meant revisiting what I set out for myself, and so between now and the end of February, I’ll be focussing on:

  • Getting back up to speed and polishing GATECRASH
  • Deciding on a publishing schedule and producing for BACCARA BURNING
  • Decide on a publishing schedule and producing LIVING LEITH
  • Making a decision on my next project

It may not seem a lot, but I’m half way through the month and have had a shit time of it since the turn of the year. One step at a time – that’s the way it’s gonna be.

Before I go I wanted to make any writers that follow my blog (and I know there are some hearty loyalists out there) of a great deal on offer just now by a pal of mine. Here’s the scoop from friend and fellow writer, Devon Ellington:

1. Special deal on edits, only available Jan. 17-25

I’m offering a special deal to line edit/critique the first 30 pages of your manuscript for only $75,  but you MUST book a slot between Jan. 17-25.  Complete information is at:
http://www.devonellingtonwork.com/workshops.html, including the email address to send to in order to book your slot.  If you send it to the newsletter address, it will not get a response.  There are a limited number of slots, and they are going quickly, so don’t wait until the last minute.

2.  February Workshops

I’m teaching two quick Fast and Fun workshops in February, before I got into rehearsal for the new play:

“The Graveyard of Abandoned Projects” — bring up to 5 projects you’ve put aside; see which ones are viable and breathe new life into them, and which ones need to be permanently retired.  Feb. 4-6.

“Journal into Fiction” – learn how to transform journal entries into viable fiction, how to let characters evolve from the original inspiration, and how to keep a travel diary that will provide material for years’ worth of projects.  Feb. 11-14.

More information here:

Two Topic Workbooks are now available on Smashwords, each for $2.99:



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