Gutting Fish

As you can probably tell, I’ve got a few things on the go. Which is good.

One month ago I released BACCARA BURNING and it’s selling well. I’m very pleased considering it’s a sequel to an existing book I wrote in 2009 (STELLA). I suppose you might call it a mini-series of two novellas set in 1988/89, concerning two of the top characters I’ve ever had the pleasure of writing.

Under my pseudonym, Chas Stramash, I have a new chapbook almost ready to release: LIVING LEITH. This book is a step towards a new direction for me poetry-wise. I’ve felt I’ve grown hugely with this one as I’ve moved into characterisation and “deep-diving” my poetry. It feels more satisfying to be publishing something that has proved challenging and that I’m really excited about.

I’m working on a secret project, first started and submitted a few years ago that came back with some favourable comments, and that I have now re-written.

When I say “re-written” I really mean I have gutted it like a fish, inserted transplant organs and sewn it back up. It’s now in the healing stage and apart from all the bruises and scars that can be worked on, it’s a much more promising concept and delivery of an idea.

But here’s the BIG news.

As I’ve already mentioned on this blog, I needed a new project, a fresh one that I could get my teeth into that would make me feel good. So I’ve begun working on a manuscript first published as a serial nine years ago. It’s being gutted like a fish just like the secret project, and it’s changing into something more glossy, more exciting, and much more sexy. In fact, it’s turning into a good old-fashioned proper thriller.

My aim is to have HUNTING JACK ready by the end of the year.

Previously, it’s been through what I termed a transformation from serial format to novel but it needs much more than that to get it to where I want. It needs modernised; it needs injected with the last decade of experience I’ve collected; it needs redirected.

Coincidentally, and rather ironically considering the problems I’m having with a certain other book right now, I’ve seen a front cover that fits the bill beautifully for HUNTING JACK in a fire sale. I’m considering going for it.

About Colin Galbraith

Thriller author, music fan, St Mirren fan, fluff chucker, rabbit tamer, outstanding fake faller. Loves cannoli.
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