Hunting Jack Hits the Cyber-Shelves

Hunting Jack by Colin Galbraith is Released Today

My new novel, a tense thriller set in Glasgow and Edinburgh in 1995, was released yesterday by Blue Sea Publishing.

HUNTING JACK is the story of a young Scottish lad brought up in London by his Aunt and Uncle after his parents were both killed in a car crash. On finding a hidden letter from them, he runs away to Scotland to try and find them, only ending up in a world of gangsters and a history embedded in the infamous Glasgow Ice-Cream Wars of 1984.

I originally wrote this story back in 2004 and it appeared as an internet serial, being delivered twice-weekly to subscribers email inboxes. Now, after a re-write and tidy, it can be yours as a single one-off novel – how I always wanted it.

Here’s the official blurb:

It’s midnight in London during the summer of 1995 and JACKIE McCANN is on the run.

With only the clothes on his back and a letter from Scotland, he is determined to make his way north to find his true identity. Behind him, he leaves his Aunt and Uncle, who for years told him he was the sole survivor of the car crash that had wiped out his biological family. But now his life has turned upside down upon finding a letter from his father — hidden by his new family.

In Glasgow things aren’t what they seem. Jackie discovers the infamous Ice-Cream Wars of 1984 provide the violent backdrop to his family history, and a mysterious man in black makes his bloody presence felt.

On the run and with his options slowly running out, the Edinburgh Fringe Festival opens up more links to his past and options for his future.

Does Jackie find his true identity?

Will he be reunited with his family?

Will he wish he’d never found that letter in the first place?

Some secrets are best left buried.

And here’s the pretty cool trailer for it:

Happy reading, and if you DO decide to buy the book (available at the special eBook launch price of 99p until this Sunday), don’t forget to leave a review on Amazon.

Finally, here’s where you can buy the Kindle, eBook and Paperback formats of HUNTING JACK:

Oh, before I go, I have a mailing list now. This will be THE place for the latest book news, special offers, freebies, and basically all the juicy stuff that I won’t be putting on Twitter or Facebook.

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