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Meeting Bethany

Image: Laura Galbraith A fine day; an all round family day that lifted my spirits even higher than they’ve been growing these past couple of weeks. Bethany Yesterday I met the newest member of our family, my wee sister’s week … Continue reading

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The Taste of Blood

Image: Unknown I have some good news and some bad news. The good news is Friday is one again upon us, the weather is cracking, and tonight I will meet my new niece for the very first time. The bad … Continue reading

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Out Of Sorts

Image: acsweb I’m struggling to sleep, work has gone berserk, and I feel like a zombie. Other than that life is spiffing. Yesterday’s shift at the day job was always going to be a long one and so it proved. … Continue reading

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July GDR Review

It’s that time of the month again: the literary dabs, if you will. (I suspect only Scottish readers will get that poor gag). Before I go into my losses and achievements for July, here’s something to make anyone who has … Continue reading

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Kebab Wrappers And Irn-Bru Cans

Tonight was the night I got to meet my new niece at last! I’ve been almost frantic leading up to this day since we had to cancel the other night due to my sister and baby recovering from a very … Continue reading

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Think Of The Monkeys

It was far too hot to sleep last night and the same to work in today. Temperatures are around 20 degs C here in Edinburgh, but it’s not sunny heat, it’s the clammy, close, humid type of heat, that causes … Continue reading

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Crack Open The Champers

As you might imagine there was a huge amount of happiness in the Galbraith family this morning. This is the first time we have had a new child come into the family by birth on our side, and it’s a … Continue reading

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Charlotte Rhodes Owen

By this morning, there was still no overnight news to report other than my sister had received an epidural for the pain. Nolon mentioned he hoped we all got a good night sleep because neither he or my sister did. … Continue reading

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All About The New Novel

Still waiting. Fiona has been in and out of hospital but nothing has happened; no contractions, no labour, no sign of the baby. My sister’s husband, Nolon, has been relaying all the latest information to my mother, who is acting … Continue reading

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7 Surprises For July

Ever had one of those days where every time you go to do something or answer your phone, you receive one surprise after another? Well, I had one today. This morning I had nipped up to town to get in … Continue reading

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