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GDRs 2018

It’s not been the best start to the year, in fact this posting is already around two weeks late, but I’m back up and running and in the midst of kicking off my GDRs (Goals, Dreams & Resolutions) for the … Continue reading

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Wrapping Up 2017

Now that the first draft of the novel I began writing during NaNoWriMo is over and done with (out next year hopefully), it’s time for me, as a writer, to take stock of the year that’s drawing to a conclusion. Did … Continue reading

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Progress Across the Board

Think of this as my first quarterly check in of the year. I’m aware I never published a GDR (Goals, Dreams & Resolutions) list this year, but I can assure you there is one in existence. I designed my list … Continue reading

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At the Starting Blocks

It took two hours of careful construction, but my new writing desk came into being on Friday evening. I’ve built a few items of furniture over the last week but this was the toughest, mainly because it was so large … Continue reading

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A New Desk

Two Thousand and Sixteen 2016 was a monumental year. I married my soulmate, had the honeymoon of a lifetime in Paris and New York, bought a new home in a lovely part of Scotland, and moved in just in time … Continue reading

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The Wrong Name

So, I have five goals for the year. Three fiction-related, one poetry-related, and the final one is all about reading. Reading takes care of itself. I’ve always been good at mining out slots to read during the day and the … Continue reading

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Goals for 2016

I’ve spent the last few days developing a new set of GDRs (Goals, Dreams and Resolutions), my first for around four years. I’ve spent enough time looking back at the last few years, analysing what came along in my life that meant I … Continue reading

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The CG Awards and Looking to 2016

So that was 2015. A year of ups and downs, but mainly ups. And on the writing front it was a year of, well, mixed fortunes really. But I’ll be kind to myself and say it was a step in … Continue reading

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GDRs: September’s Plan of Attack

Okay, so I’m nearly done with all my reviewing and planning, and it’s time to get down to work. So here’s September’s plan. Regular readers will notice it’s much, much smaller than of my previous years’ efforts, but at least … Continue reading

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A Year in Writing (and Other Stuff)

August. Traditionally at this time of year I would normally be writing like a maniac to squeeze in as many of my remaining GDRs into the last week of my writing year. But not this time. This time, work has … Continue reading

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