Christmas Shopping Glory

Christmas ShoppingFrustration from the outset this morning when first of all I couldn’t connect to my home network, so no email downloads could be performed before I left for work. The wireless network is good, but I don’t think I have configured it correctly and I think I’ve been over-inventive with the security. I’m going to have to RTFM*.

Then I missed the bus. One was not amused.

For some reason I appear to have blown my Christmas shopping out of the water this year. Normally I end up knowing what I want but leaving it until the last minute and having to storm the shops over the last couple of days leading up until Christmas. This year, I think I was lulled into a state of emergency by several emails from my family flying around containing wish lists of things we might want to buy to make it easier. For some reason, I think I must have subconsciously assumed there was only a few days left to do my shopping, and as a result, I have now bought all of my gifts.

I did this without leaving the comfort of my chair. By utilising the internet and easy purchasing methods brought around by corporate greed, I have managed to purchase all my gifts online and get them delivered direct to my home – and it isn’t even December. This hit me suddenly today and I was astounded. It feels good, but it feels as if I have removed a little of the tradition I so like to stick to at this time of year. Leaving it until the last minute is exciting, and I will miss that. Gail said it is because I am growing up, but I doubt that. There are still too many other childish traditions that I won’t let go of for that to happen.

The story of the arrest and sentence to 15 days in prison of the teacher in Dubai for letting her class name a teddy bear after Muhammad is nothing short of an absolute disgrace. If Muslim countries want us to take them seriously and not brand them they way they currently are by the masses, then perhaps if a little common sense had been brought into matters they might gain a little sympathy and understanding.

As it stands, things like this do nothing for their cause, and you can hardly blame westerners for the attitude that is currently growing against them. They accused this woman of “inciting hatred and showing contempt for religious beliefs.” God forbid anyone should offend a Muslim, even by accident! This hardline approach does as much damage to peaceful Muslim, as it does to relations between communities in this country.

No egg shells, no ridiculous sentences, no peace, no religion. I’m sick of the lot of them and I hope the people who are responsible for treating Gillian Gibbons the way they have, get what they deserve.

I’m 3489 words away from the finish line but I have a small problem. I had been hoping that by the time I reached the end of part two of the novel (it’s in three parts) I would have crossed the 50k line. At the end of today’s session though, I fell short. This means I have to start part three to get over the line – but I only have a vague idea of what is going to happen between now and the end of the book.

So – I’m off to do some planning. I have plenty of time tomorrow to get through this and I can’t see me failing now. But I don’t want to sacrifice any of the book to do it. I must stay true to the story and give it the best I can.

I worked on the first issue of The Ranfurly Review, mainly proofing and checking the layout. It’s quite big at about 67 pages, but I wanted the first issue to be that way. The website needs developed to incorporate the first release and I’ve almost finished the press releases.

Came up with a great idea to sell my books this Christmas too – so watch this space for some fantastic offers coming your way!

* RTFM – Read The Fucking Manual

NaNoWriMo Progress – Gatecrash

Today’s Word Count: 3366

NaNoWriMo Progress

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