Keep On Rollin’!

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I can’t say how much I am enjoying reading Solzhenitsyn’s One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich again. It’s as much a great trip down memory lane for me as it is the reading of a great book. It takes me right back to the very start of my appreciation for novels, because when we studied it in 2nd or 3rd year at High School, it was the first time a book that wasn’t about Hobbits, galactic hitchhikers or Wookies that made any impact on me.

I remember Mrs. Scott well. She wore bright gypsy style clothes, had very short red hair, wore thick but small-framed glasses that made her eyes seem larger than natural when she glared at you, and she never used under arm deodorant – which was our main beef as a collective. Everyone, it seemed, hated her.

But she grew on me fast because she got through to me, something not many teachers achieved. Her passion for books and the manner in which she conveyed it is what did it for me. English suddenly became a subject I enjoyed and it was because of the teacher. When we came to read One Day in class, I remember thinking I would hate it, but her insight and methods of reading literature made Solzhenitsyn’s book the first novel I had read that I could actually see why the author wrote what he did, why he did in that style, and the messages he was conveying. Mrs. Scott allowed me to appreciate books from a whole new level, and for that I thank her.

Check this blog out: What I Killed Today

It’s written by a bloke who has to euthanise animals, and records each and every one in dedication to them. It’s compassionate and very sad, but well worth a read.

The Scottish Government’s (sic) £30bn budget faced a crucial vote today in Holyrood. Vital to the Nationalist’s plans for reforming the country, First Minister Alex Salmond actually threatened to QUIT if MSPs didn’t support his plans for the budget!

Read the article on BBC News here.

The wee man released a statement through his spokesman saying: “if parliament does not approve the budget at the 5pm vote, the view of the government would be to take it to the people.”

I find this absolutely incredible. One did wonder how he was going to get many of his policies through with a minority government, and now we do. He will stamp his feet and threaten to quit, leaving the country without a leader and facing yet another unnecessary election. Maybe the memory of the farce the last election descended to last year was enough to convince MSPs, because the budget went through by 64 votes to 1 – with 60 abstentions.

Back to business and I was disheartened to receive a rejection for A Point of View from Toasted Cheese. Never mind – onto the next one.

I queried a couple of new freelance gigs and finished redrafting the three drug rehab articles but resisted sending them in as I intended. Although I set a deadline for tonight, it was self imposed. The deadline is actually Sunday, but with a trip to Glasgow this weekend to see my parents and sister, and my Six Nations Rugby Spotlight work, I wanted it out of the way early. I’ll finish the polishing tomorrow and get them sent off by lunchtime in time for my editor getting into work (he’s in the States; not lazy).

I finished editing my new About Me page for my website, finalised my new standard freelance contract and rate card, and finished the night off with an update to Gail Galbraith Photography.

I’ve not had time to work on Slick at all this week, which although this is regretful, it’s only because I have not been without paid assignments at any point this year – or indeed since last September.

Keep in rollin’!

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  1. A. Munn says:

    I’ve ‘euthanised’ a fair few small mammals (mice)over the years with Sorexa rodent poison. Legend has it that there are more rodents in Edinburgh than there are BMW drivers – hard to believe, I know, but there it is.

    Salmond was playing a canny hand by threatening to resign. Labour would be under the ground if there was a vote tomorrow. I spoiled my paper at the last election. I hope they saw what I wrote on it, but my handwriting’s so bad they wouldn’t have made sense of it, apart from the always recognisable 4 letters. Ha

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