Decision Made

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Up VERY early to get a head start on my work today. Before sun rise, I had written the first draft of the Final Week Preview article for Six Nations Rugby Spotlight, completed the third draft of a new article for DWT – which was then split into two separate articles it got so long, and written the third and finali draft of the Omid Djalili comedy gig review for SDR.


Then it was decision time.

I have moved the murder – or rather, I should say the discovery of the body – from the bottom of Arthur’s Seat to the Leith Walkway, where it meets the exit to Findlay Gardens in Lochend. Therefore, the police station acting as HQ for the investigation team is now Leith Police Station. This might actually work in my favour on more levels than purely logostical.

By doing this, it also takes Lennox right into the heart of Ronnie’s life, without either of them knowing, thereby adding a new tension that wasn’t there before. Also, it makes to large geographical coverage needed to tie to the book up is cancelled out, because the book effectively becomes London to Leith, not London to Edinburgh.

I worked through several chapters and am now 80% complete. Ronnie’s fall and rise has been intensified, Lennox’s “personal” situation as he tries to find him has deepened to an interesting level, Mulholland’s role as support to Lennox has changed to more of a guidance officer, and Ronnie’s love interest has come into it in a more defined way.

It’s odds on for an initial release of this next week, the though of which, is making me nervous already.

Slick Editing Progress (Chapters)
Slick Editing Progress (Chapters)

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