Doherty In The Doldrums

Pete Doherty - Waste of SpaceI neglected to mention how the British justice system has finally got its finger out and done something good by jailing that complete tosser, Pete Doherty. This is a man (sic) who has gotten away way with so much purely because he is a rock “star” (and I use that word lightly). He’s taken the piss out of the system and walked away for far too long, blaming his addition to crack cocaine and heroin and whatever else as the problem, yet playing on the very same problems to give him his wayward rock star image.

He was handed 17 weeks in Wormwood Scrubs by a Judge with a bit of sense, who could see through all the bullshit he spins. He’s not a personality; he’s not a celebrity; he’s not very popular; he’s not talented; he does Trilby hats a disservice. He’s a mindless drug addict who thinks he’s better than everyone else because of it. Good riddance Doherty, even if it is only for a few weeks.

I polished up a few articles today and ran through the usual rigmarole of job board checking, email responding, and reading, but I also did a lot of work on Slick, in particular, characterisation.

The main reason I went back to my character sheets was to make sure that what’s in the story actually matches up with them. There’s no reason why they shouldn’t; I used them to form the characters in the first place, but what it did highlight is where they were missing in background story and personality. By that I mean, there are certain aspects I gave them that I noticed haven’t come through as well, or not at all, as I would have hoped. Also, some of the things my trusted readers have said were lacking/needing looked at, match with the holes I spotted in the character sheets.

So I want these fixed. I want my characters, as memorable as they can be for me, to be the same for the reader. So it was a worthwhile exercise that I can incorporate into the final push.

I’ve grown very tired as the week has progressed, but then I have worked hard on several major projects, in editing, and in freelance, so I didn’t do a whole lot more. I did some reading, though, and listened to some of the football on the radio. Rangers FC are into the semi-final of the UEFA Cup, and while I’d be anything but a ‘Gers fan, it’s an achievment that deserves a mention nevertheless.

My plan is to get up at 5am on the dot tomorrow, work on Slick some more, then head off to the final day at the day job for this particular week. I also need to plan out what I’m going to do about those chapbooks I was talking about, too – Saturday morning could be very interesting.

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4 Responses to Doherty In The Doldrums

  1. AM says:

    I thought Babyshambles’ “Down In Albion” was a classic, although it has to be said that its best tracks are all co-written by Wolfman. Mick Jones’ production on ‘Albion’ is exemplary. Ramshackle, ordered, epic yet concise. Genius!

    His collected writings were a major disappointment though. The publishers didn’t see fit to type them up, and just reproduced them in their original form, which was some kind of East London hieroglyphics. I got to about halfway down the first page and gave up.

    Anyway, seems to me that Doherty’s been treated unfairly – there are plenty of people in London who, to put it lightly, are a bit more dangerous than him.

  2. Binny says:

    I fully agree its about time Doherty got properly punished as he regularly and blatently disregards the law – why should he avoid the correct punishment just because he is in the public eye. What others in London do is irrelevant and do not make his actions right, he should be treated as though he has broken the law bacause he HAS broken the law.

  3. AM says:

    “Why should he avoid the correct punishment just because he is in the public eye”?

    Many would argue that he is being punished for precisely that reason. Didn’t Sir Ian ‘no ma fault’ Blair announce in late 2005 that he was going after ‘middle class drug users’ to make an example of them. Begs the question: what’s the crime? Drug use or being middle class? As for being an innocent Brazilian non-drug user armed only with a copy of the Metro freesheet, well that’s not a crime. And JC de M’s death is nobody’s fault, and crime neither. Sir Ian said it wasn’t his fault, so that’s sorted then. The buck stopped, err, who knows. Somewhere on the Circle Line?

    Doherty’s run-ins with the polis and appearances before the beak are really just Jagger/ McCartney the 2000s version.

  4. AM says:

    … and by the by – show me someone who has never broken the law. The only person I can think of that’s never broken the law ever is Bill Clinton. But technically he did break the draw. Sorry, law 😉

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