There’s to be big changes in the day job. Yet again we (as a team) are being moved to another department in the eternal search to find our “best-fit” area where we can “maximise our potential”, allow us to “grow outside the box”, and “achieve strategic latitude while fine-tuning our synergy”.

For me, the move will mean a new building, a new line manager, a new department manager, and new team-mates. It will move us from the service line into the application management line, but also means I will be much nearer to Clark’s Bar compared to my current location – every cloud has a silver lining and all that.

I’m trying to be enthusiastic about it, but the bottom line is the job isn’t changing and we are being fed more lines about there being “huge potential for growth and opportunity”. I have heard that so many times in my ten years here, it will come as no surprise to any that my heart fails to flutter any longer. It’s a move, yes, but it’s the same old job doing the same old thing, so I’ll wait and see if it develops into anything more, but right now my focus is on my writing, not on repeated rhetoric from corporate rats.

I had my second trip to the osteopath this evening, which after my brief jog for the train on Tuesday night was most welcome. I wasn’t thinking that while I had an elbow cutting through my thigh, however, but when it was over, there was a certain amount of difference to be felt in the muscles. My leg was hot and sore when she had finished, and by the time I went to bed my leg was wholly sore, but progress is being made.

That’s all for today; I thought a short one was best after yesterday’s marathon entry.

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2 Responses to Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes

  1. Lara says:

    BINGO!!! It was “Synergy” that won it for me!

    (If you haven’t played Office Lingo Bingo then email me and I’ll explain!) 🙂

    I’m sorry they’re disrupting your normalcy for nothing. Hopefully they’ll figure it out soon.

    Have a good weekend!

  2. Yeah, it’s probably all a load of crap, but perhaps a change of location will at least make the physical surroundings more bearable.

    Perhaps being around different people will help, too, especially if some of them have a good sense of humor!

    You’re on your way out anyway; you’re just marking time.

    And, you ARE closer to Clark’s.

    Glad the osteopath is working.

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