Easy Like A Saturday

I had another great writing day yesterday, starting work shortly after 5am before going to the day job, and then through my lunch. I did nothing in the evening because we attended the Ruby Wedding Anniversary celebration of Gail’s Aunt and Uncle at Carrickvale Golf Club, hence the lack of a blog post yesterday.

Gail comes from a big, nae, massive family. Her mother was one of nine, so you can see the potential for umpteen cousins and second cousins that exists. Plus, when you add all their partners and kids into the equation, family gatherings of this particular clan generally become more like the attendances one might find at a premier league football match.

These gatherings are also rather boozy affairs, hence the ever so subtle hint of a hangover I experienced when I woke up this morning. I had a weird dream during the night too, as well as cramp in both legs that had me leaping out of bed to try and straighten out my muscles.

I dreamed I I was walking on Arthur’s Seat in Edinburgh when I came to a forest patch. As I walked through it following a narrow concrete path I came to a small cliff to my left, and when I looked up there were two baby goats standing on top watching me. One was black and the other white. The white one fell and I moved to meet it, catching it in my arms. I stroked its short white hair, but had to put it down when it started nibbling at my shirt. The last thing I remember was it clip-clopping away on its tiny wee hooves along the path.

Within half an hour of me rising Laura was off to her dance lessons and Gail left for a Hen weekend in Aberdeen. Result: an empty house on a Saturday morning with total peace and quiet everywhere. Bliss.

Apart from an hour when I went out to collect Laura and run a few errands, my day was spent inside taking care of four main things: website updates for a client, worked on Stella, tidying the house, and getting over my hangover.

Not a wasted day; not an overly productive day; not a bad Saturday.

Greener is the Grass (Writing)
Greener is the Grass (Writing)

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1 Response to Easy Like A Saturday

  1. adam says:

    Saturdays can be good days. I have vastly complex dreams all about the work from which I have now retired but I can never remember the details, probably a good thing.

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