A Couple Of New Arrivals

A Couple Of New Arrivals
Image: Dave Apple

Laura and her pals never woke until later in the morning. Not surprising given the time they were up to last night. I eventually fell asleep around 1am, though it wasn’t easy.

When I got up this morning I made some lovely fresh Columbian coffee, ate a bagel, then went round to the shop for a newspaper, and for fresh rolls and bacon for the girls.

Then I left them to it.

Before lunch, I caught up with all my outstanding email, checked the job listings (pitched for one gig), cleaned the rabbit hutch, put all the Christmas decorations back up into the loft until next year, finished tidying my office, and posted yesterday’s blog. Good stuff.

Gail and I then headed out to PC World in Corstorphine to buy a monitor she has been after to help with her photographic editing. I had noticed there was a couple in stock at a reduced price on the Internet so off we went. I also got her a wireless keyboard and mouse to go with it – the last of her Christmas presents after yesterday’s jewellery return and purchase of new ring.

Opposite PC World is a large pet store so I dragged Gail in to take a look at all the animals they had in stock. They had a good stock of Mini-Lop rabbits and a whole brace of super little baby Guinea Pigs. I was also glad to see they’ve started an adoption service for animals, including one albino rabbit looking for a home. Poor wee fella looked all alone and I wanted to take him away. His hair was all spiky on his head and he kept looking at me through the glass as if to say: “please take me with you.”

What I did take home was a couple of new coldwater fish for the aquarium vacated after Smashie the goldfish who died last year. I bought one Comet goldfish and a Shubunkin, and had them in the tank within half an hour of getting home.

I’ve named them after the countries they originated, the Comet being from the USA and the Shubunkin from Japan.

The Comet is white and red, and is called Madison, so derived from James Madison, a major contributor to the American Constitution and the Bill of Rights, as well as American President during the War of 1812. I thought this appropriate given the impending changes in the US this week.

The Shubunkin is a beautiful array of colours from gold to brown and orange, and is called Akanè (ah-kay-neh), which means “deep red” in Japanese, so called because of the large red patch behind one of his gills.

The rest of the day was all about work. I installed Gail’s new TFT monitor and wireless keyboard so she could get to work, then I worked a little on Blood Ties and a short story I began during last year’s Muse Conference. I’m going to enter it into the Fort William Mountain Festival short story competition, and it is called Letting Go.

I wrote a new poem later on called Scar Tissue. It’s a very close to home kind of poem; very direct and powerful so I’m not sure what venue it will fit best. It might just be one of those poems I use to vent my feelings and come to terms with certain things, but you never know, it might see the light one day.

The Scruffy Dog Review – Winter Issue OUT NOW!!

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