Fallen Behind

Fallen Behind
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One of the irritating things about having such a heavy day job demand at the moment is the fact I am behind on all the blogs (among other things) I would otherwise have time to read. If anything, I’m only getting time to skim through the basic contents and not having any time to comment.

It’s made me realise those blogs on my list that I will actually make an effort to stay up to date with, and those which when pushed, I’m not that bothered if I were to drop. It’s also shown how much I like the ones I do stay in touch with, however small, and in a way are more addictive reads than others.

Did another 11-hour shift today. ‘Deadwood’ is away on holiday for a fortnight so it’s all me tomorrow, but thank goodness Julz is coming back next week. Strange that I have had no emails from her while she was in New Zealand – maybe she’s scared to tell me she’s decided to emigrate. Wouldn’t that be a laugh?

When I got home tonight I didn’t even bother with my PC. I got into my man-jammys, made my dinner and watched a film: Local Hero, a film from 1983 that was huge here in Scotland at the time. You know the one – it’s about an American oil company that try to buy a bay in Scotland; the one with the wee red phone box.

Tomorrow I am going to go in early and try to get away early also. But no matter what happens my Friday evening has been carefully mapped out. Gail has her pal coming over and I am going to buy everyone an Indian takeaway. I’m going to order my favourite dish, then eat it with a couple of cold beers.

Then I’m going to enjoy my weekend; I’m going to relax and write – I think I’ve earned it.

The Scruffy Dog Review – Winter Issue OUT NOW!!

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  1. Have a great weekend!

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