Like Ripples In A Pond

Like Ripples In A Pond
Image: Richard Freeman

The Poetry Super Highway’s Annual E-Book Free-For-All was announced yesterday. Run by Rick Lupert, it’s a crazy project in which poetry e-books are produced and made freely available to all interested humans on Earth for a 24 hour period – 1st May.

I’ll be taking part this year. I missed out last year because I had nothing ready in time, but the year before I had the most downloaded e-book with Selektion. The competition is what gave birth to Brick by Brick and Silly Poems for Wee People Vol.1 in previous years. I’m not sure what I’ll send in yet but I have a few ideas. Click on the link to find out more or join in yourself!!

I had a crap day at the day job. More team sickness landed me right in the mire when it should have been my week away from it all. Yes, it makes me look good to the bosses, and yes, it showed up in my remuneration last year, but with all the work I have on it’s completely unfair that I have to constantly shoulder the burden when others aren’t pulling their weight. One was not amused but I got on with it once I calmed myself down, and my boss is always open to talk to so he knows my feelings on this one.

I’d received a delivery the other day but the parcel was “too big for the letterbox” so Gail drove me up to the sorting office to collect it last night. After a quick stop at Ford Kinnaird we returned home where I installed my new PC components – 2 x 2Gb RAM cards. Super quick is my machine now (Yoda impression), and with a processor upgrade in the back of my mind this particular machine will be as fast it can be without going further up the chain.

The effects of my recent decision are being felt already, I’m happy to say, and I got through some really good work today. I edited two chapters of Greener is the Grass, typed up all the poems I wrote in March, completed and sent in my Scotland’s Treasure column for The Scruffy Dog Review, and did some good work on the Stella sequel outline.

I think I said I was ready with that last one too soon, because I kept having brain-waves during the day on how to spice up the story, as well as spotting contradictions in the characters behaviour. Stella and Randolph have become really vivid in my head and if that’s so, I wonder if that’s part of the reason the book was accepted for publication – three dimensional characters.

I know there are a few readers of this blog who live in Australia, so if you missed the chance to see them on their tour, here’s a clip of Madness playing Tarzan’s Nuts in Melbourne a couple of nights ago.

And here it is again – from the stage!

Cheap and free e-books:

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