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Up early and working by 7:30am on The Company’s network. It was almost 3pm before I was finished. A full day in other words, and it wasn’t the most stress-free of occasions.

By the time it (part 1) was over, it was almost time for the Grand National at Aintree. I had a tenner on Brooklyn Brownie (28-1) and a backup fiver on last year’s winner, Comply or Die (18-1) both each way. I told Gail about my main bet but kept my backup secret, and my superstition came true. Brooklyn fell at the second but Comply came in second netting me a modest £15 return, so I got my money back and all the “glory” in our house.

My intention had been to do some writing after I’d finished work, but I was so tired from two 14-hour days on Thursday and Friday, then this morning/afternoon’s effort, that my head was like a wet balloon and my eyes swollen from staring at the monitor and dealing with all the crap that came with it.

I lay down for an hour and managed forty broken winks. When I woke up I could hardly move. My head was numb and my body just did not want to react to any signals I sent it. I could have lay there for hours but I had to get up, and so I slowly forced myself to come round, mentally building up enough of a swell of energy so I could get going.

Into the evening and I stuck on a film – Hotel Rwanda – a nice film but poorly cast in places and lacking the tension I was expecting. I don’t think it achieved what it set out to, but it was enjoyable enough for the mood I was in.

10pm and part 2 was underway, logging on again to monitor some more work that was going in. Thankfully, this didn’t take quite as long as this morning did and I was clear within a couple of hours.

I picked up a nice wee tip from @bookgal – any writing/book people who Twitter might want to check this out: it’s a list of people and organisations who also Twitter.

Tomorrow: 6am start and more of the same – in 3 parts.


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Keen runner, thriller author, Madness fan, Mets fan, St Mirren fan/owner, rabbit tamer, outstanding fake faller. Loves cannolis & espressos. #LFGM
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1 Response to Exhausted

  1. Sorry your work schedule is so odious right now.

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