Not So Secret Gig

Not So Secret Gig

Friday at last.

I spent most of yesterday in meetings, one of which I almost fell asleep in. It was a combination of the night before and the fact I could not work out why I had even been invited; I never said a word during the entire hour.

I forgot to mention The Specials kicked off their 30th anniversary tour at Newcastle on Wednesday night. My mate called me from the gig while I was out on the bevy to remind me. I’ll be at the second of two nights they are playing at the Glasgow Academy on Wednesday. To say I’m excited about it is an understatement – I never thought I would ever get to see them such was the rift that tore the band apart. More on this later.

I completed Day by AL Kennedy – finally. It’s a book I am glad I read but I never got as much from it as I’d expected. I can see why it won Book of the Year but I found it difficult going. I‘ve started reading Val McDermid’s The Grave Tattoo, one of the books I got at Christmas. I love Val’s approach and attitude, her humour too, and I had a craving for a good crime novel so off the shelf it came.

I received payment from the property website client that I half expected there to be a problem with. But no, everything went through fine and he is talking about a lot more work. I still have to finish off one of my clients, currently transferring away from Ghoulnet. This is a process made a whole lot easier now another company is handling the accounts after they went down the tubes.

Our team meeting is being held today at lunchtime in Clark’s Bar. I had suggested it as a joke when nobody could think of anywhere to go for lunch with our sister team who work for the same boss. Personally, I can’t think of anywhere better to spend a Friday lunchtime.

This evening I’m off to Glasgow to stay at my sisters, then it’s off to Hampden for the Scottish Cup semi final against Rangers. No blogging then, but I’ll be Twittering all the way.

Madness has announced they are going to play a gig at Newbury Racecourse on May 30th. The idea of a wee evening at the races followed by a stomp in the paddock has been muted between my horse loving chum, Dave, and me. We shall see what transpires.

Speaking of Madness, today sees the start of the Camden Crawl. It’s the biggest yet and in their 30th year Madness will be playing a secret gig somewhere in Camden Town. I happen to know – it’s outside the Dublin Castle on Parkway, 4pm, so get down there if you have a street ticket and do some skanking. You’ll need to get there early though.

Lots more information on the Crawl can be found at Spoonfed. Enjoy it if you’re going – wish I was there.


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  1. Have a fabulous time!

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