Life And Art

Life And Art
Image: BBC Online

Since I was feeling much better yesterday morning, I started the day off with a glorious bap containing a beautifully runny fried egg lain across a spicy and thick slice of black pudding. Washed down with a cup of tar from the coffee machine, it really was a breakfast of conflicting emotions.

Stella is now up on the Coming Soon page at Eternal Press – top row so you can’t miss it!

I forgot to mention the gifts I ordered for my 10-year anniversary at the Day Job arrived on Thursday. I bagged myself a new hands free phone for my office, a digital camera, some aftershave, perfume for my wife, and because the Freeview Digibox had been withdrawn, a new garden fork in place of it.

Ten years it took me to get those things. Really pleased with the camera though, It’ll be useful my blog, chapbooks and in the Ranfurly Review.

I saw a fascinating story on the BBC website over lunch, which relates directly to my currently “on hold” Lennox novel: Human medieval remains unearthed on Edinburgh tram route in Leith

Apparently, the discovery was made during a special dig in Constitution Street, where two 300-year-old skulls and several bones were found last September. The South Leith Parish Church graveyard site is near the 16th and 17th century town defences. New sections of the defences and burials have been found.

Talk about real life imitating art? Or should that be vice versa?

I wrote a poem today. It’s about Twittering and you’ll be able to read it ONLY if you subscribe to my monthly newsletter, The Patter. Also in this month’s newsletter is the first of probably a few competitions to get your hands on a copy of Stella. So if you aren’t already – get signed up and tell all yer pals!

My mate, @KalmoBay, has a horse running today: Moonwalking in the 5:15 at Hexham. It was 3-1 last I looked and definitely worth a punt.

Speaking of my mate, we spent most of the day Twittering each other when, if we really wanted to chat sensibly, we would just turn around and face each other. Yes, @KalmoBay sits right behind me in the office, and spend a fair bit of time trying to talk me into Clark’s. I put it off though, not after the crappy week of health I’ve had.

Right, I’m off for my Saturday morning jaunt up into town – much to do, and I’m taking my new camera.


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