My New Book ‘Stella’ Launched Today

My New Book ‘Stella’ Launched Today
Image: Eternal Press

OFFICIAL NOTICE: STELLA is now an officially released book!!

Wayhey! It’s been a few years in the coming but at last, finally, I have another major fiction publication to add to my literary C.V. Here’s hoping STELLA sells well and leads me onto bigger and better things. When I think how this book was written as a personal project with publication never even a thought, it makes what’s happened even more remarkable.

If you want to join in on today’s launch party, where there are SIX other brand new titles also released, then pop over to the EP Reader’s Group. We’re partying all day and there will be lots of exciting giveaways, so you never know what you might win!

Or if you want to skip to the chase, click her to buy a copy!

I made a passing comment to my pal, Devon, yesterday resulted in the sprouting of a great idea. It involves more writing while being in the presence of a bar for longer. Sounds the perfect gig, eh? More once I’ve thought about it more.

A bloke in Gail’s work, let’s call him Mr. X, made her up a couple of music CDs – yes, the kind of thing you do when you’re trying impress a girl (see High Fidelity). I used to do it myself quite a lot; make a CD selection that the target of your lust might like, then give it to her as a gift in the faint hope you can get into bed with her.

The trouble for Mr.X is, my wife is faithful to me and I’m faithful to her; she takes no shit and I’m an almost six foot tall, wide shouldered skinhead. So what are we left with? Well, I got a coupe of free Ds out of it and they aren’t bad. Most of the music is more my thing so I’m wondering if Mr. X is gay and has seen my picture on the web. Free music – you can’t beat it!

I just realised when I was typing that last section, that I gave a few female writers I know CD selections of music at Christmas as a gift! Rest assured, my intentions were purely platonic! 🙂

I’m still struggling to take it in that my friend died on Friday. I tried calling his brother a couple of times yesterday but have still been unable to get hold of him. I can only imagine he’s with the rest of his family. Somehow, it doesn’t seem real. I’m going to write a proper obituary that I’ll publish on the day of his funeral.

I was going to say good luck to my sister who’s running in the 5K around Glasgow Green today, but since I’ve already heard that she made it – CONGRATULATIONS SIS!!! She’s managed to raise a few bob for Cancer Research into the bargain. Go Binny!!

Right, I’m off to the launch party for today’s Eternal Press releases, but if you’re on Twitter today then you might want to follow me because I’ll be having some Twitter-only competitions.

Today’s Important links:
Click here to follow me on Twitter
Eternal Press Launch Party
Click her to BUY STELLA

Before I go check this out – If you’re a movie fan, you’ll love it!

Stella by Colin Galbraith – 7th June 2009 from Eternal Press –

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