Who Ate All The Pie?

Who Ate All The Pie?
Image: Cyron

A group of us from the office went out for lunch yesterday to Thomson’s Pub on Morrison Street. It’s a traditional Edinburgh bar with a very nice pint, but it’s also famous for one other thing—pies! People come from miles around, and indeed, we travelled from the other side of Edinburgh to get there, just to experience a Thomson’s Famous Pie.

They aren’t normal pies. They’re not like the flimsy wee mince pilled pastries you get from Greggs, these are about four inches high, the same in width, stuffed with the juiciest Scotch beef and gravy inside a parcel of delicious pastry, and topped with gravy and beans. A mouthful of that along with a pint of Tennent’s Lager and it’s a lunch you won’t forget. It’s also a lunch which means you won’t need much of a dinner either!

Of course, that’s not always how it always works. I had to work a little late and when I got home I discovered my darling wife was so hungry she had ordered us a Domino’s pizza for dinner. She is now officially a “feeder”!

I never got a chance to do any writing, but something did occur to me about this blog. For a while now it’s made for rather shite reading and I’m well aware of that. Recently, though, I’ve pulled my socks up and have tried to make it more of an entertaining read. I’ve also tried to get back to the core of what it was supposed to be about in the first place—writing. I think I’ve achieved that, certainly this week at least.

As far as site hits go, this past month has seen me add over 100 unique hits per week, which equates to about 14 new regular readers on daily basis. I now get over 400 users logging on per week, which is just under 60 unique users per day. Not bad, and so I’d like to say hello to all my new readers who’ve joined the club this past month or so, although I can;t figure out what’s sparked the influx.

One of my new pair of glasses are sitting and waiting for collection at the opticians. I’ll pop up tomorrow morning on my regular Saturday morning jaunt to collect them. Hopefully the second pair will also have been delivered by then. With any luck it will be my daily pair that has arrived and my “party” pair will follow later.

Good luck to Binny, my wee sister who is going in for a tooth operation today!

I’ve got a good weekend planned: writing (various projects), reading, music, food and drink all in the mix. Until tomorrow—peace out!

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1 Response to Who Ate All The Pie?

  1. The Last Drop used to make a fantastic dish called “Hangman’s Pie”, which was one of my favorite things there.

    Congrats on getting back on the writing track!

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