Edwina Currie – Why?

Edwina Currie - Why?
Image: Brandi Sims

I was gutted to discover Spotify doesn’t have any of the classic De La Soul album, Three Feet High and Rising on its free database. A quick click on Play.com soon sorted that out. I used to listen to that album a lot in the early 90s, it contained many of the anthems from my final year at High School. Halcyon days.

A lot happened in my final year in High School. Maggie Thatcher resigned and a nation rejoiced (well, most of it), and was replaced by an unknown grey man who struggled to get the green peas from the plate into his mouth. John Major, the most unlikely candidate for a Prime Minister in history, and certainly the most unlikely to be involved in a sex scandal.

It still sends a shudder to my bone when I think of him and Edwina Currie getting down to some dirty business. I mean, dear oh dear… why? In both directions!

Edwina Currie: the woman who almost destroyed the dairy farming business in the UK single handed, by publicly announcing that all eggs in the country were affected with salmonella. Cue enraged farmers who had lost their livelihood overnight.

Edwina Currie: the woman who told Scottish pensioners to wear a cardigan, when fuel prices left many unable to heat their homes during the winter months.

Edwina Currie: the woman who poured a glass of orange juice over a Labour MP shortly after a televised debate because she “disagreed”.

Edwina Currie: the woman who went down on John Major and then used the affair to help sell her book of memoirs.

Edwina Currie: ‘nuff said.

I just realised I’ve wasted 145 words talking about Edwina Currie. Here’s a more productive plan for today:

I’ll be heading up town shortly with my notebook, pencil and iPod. The iPod is for listening to some Arab Strap on the bus on the way to the opticians to collect my first pair of glasses which are now ready and waiting. The notebook and pencil are for the coffee shop afterwards where I intend to relax and do some writing.

Later today I have some chores around the house to take care of, I’ll probably watch the Wales versus Scotland Six Nations Rugby match, and it’s a big day for St. Mirren at home to Dundee Utd.

Also, I want to work on the following various items:

  • Write more on BACCARA BURNING
  • Run through and edit of PAINT
  • Develop SILLY POEMS chapbook
  • Develop EDINBURGH poems chapbook
  • Write 10-minute play, LETTING GO
  • Develop 15-minute sitcom

It’s going to be a busy day!

Peace out!

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