The Cost Of March

The Cost Of March
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Dear Lord, I thank myself for my blessed foresight when I purchased a Netbook last year, for it has gotten me out of quite a few scrapes already. I bought it to support my writing in a mobile environment, but it has also given me the ability to access vital day job facilities when my main PC falls on its arse. Amen.

This was the case last night. Called out to work on a problem (I’ll be glad when this fortnight is over), I had to resort to my Netbook to log on and do the work; not easy tapping to a virtual server environment on a 10 inch screen. What was my main PC doing at the time? Reinstalling Vista of course!

I tried everything I could think of to fix it but basically the boot files were corrupted as were a whole bunch of other files. I had no choice. When I left it last night I had a brand new copy of Vista on my machine but now have the arduous job of restoring everything. That means a few things:

  • Reinstalling all applications
  • Catching up with all security patches
  • Reconfiguring the PC for the home network
  • Restoring all my files (writing/websites/user data, etc.)

It sounds a worse job than it is because I got my act together a few months ago with regards to this sort of thing. The installation files for all my vital and not-so-vital applications are backed up, as are all the files I need for restoring everything to before. Luckily I had set the backup to run every time I close down – so I’m always 100% updated if I can’t get booted up next day—which is precisely what happened.

The upshot to it all is good and bad. Good, in that I will have a cleaner machine that runs faster; bad, in that the Ranfurly Review is going to be at least 3 days late in publication.

We’re celebrating another birthday today. My wife moves further into the thirty-something zone two days after my daughter’s birthday. I gave her a bunch of money towards her latest photography project (still waiting for permission to mention it) and I think we’re gong out for dinner tonight also.

It’s always an expensive month (three other members of my family have their birthdays between Jan 25 and Mar 25 as well!) but I’ve been told that is nothing to what will happen in 2018, when my daughter’s 21st coincides with my wife’s 40th within two days of each other. I have 8 years to plan. Mind you, I’ll be 44 by that point and probably run into the ground.


Until tomorrow, peace and out!

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2 Responses to The Cost Of March

  1. Mum says:

    “thirty-something zone”? Your last paragraph tells us all exactly what age your wife is today!!!

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