Lilos And Loungers

Lilos And Loungers
Image: Clare Savory

The holiday bug has bitten. I’m not talking about taking a few days off work to relax, do some writing or work around the house, I’m talking about going somewhere the sun always shines, the sky and sea merge into shades of blue, and long sandy beaches sprawl for miles lined by hotels with swimming pools, lots of loungers and a free bar. Yes, we’re booking our summer holiday.

It’s been left later than normal for us this year due to other circumstances mainly, but now we’re ready to rock and I spent the night scanning the web for possible holidays we might be interested in. Top venues are the Greek Islands, Cyprus and Crete.

Gail and I have some majorly exciting holidays we would both like to do in the years to come (post-children living with us phase). I’m talking things like African safari, Arctic cruise, Canada, America—you get the idea. But this year, after the year we’ve had, we want to sit on a beach and read a book. We want to sit by a pool and have free beer on tap. We want to do nothing and stress out as little as possible. The time to unwind for two weeks under a baking sun is approaching. It’ll be booked by the end of the week.

I managed to get a decent sleep last night; nightmare-free and six whole hours long. I feel pretty good today. Six hours is under the recommended amount (I think) but the way I’ve been feeling of late it feels like ten! Maybe blogging about it helped.

From Camus to Self, I’m now reading The Butt. Will Self: the man who swallowed a dictionary as a toddler and is able to spout the most amazing words and phrases at the drop of a hat. Too much for me at times—I have to look up loads of words as I’m reading and have no hope of banking them for myself—but his imagination is most enjoyable to delve into once in a while. I’m already half way through the book!

GREENER is coming on nicely. I reckon I’ll have it completed by the end of this week. Then it’s out to my beta readers. Yes, we’re at that time of the process yet again. What this also means is I should be able to start working on a book I wrote for NaNoWriMo a few years ago. GATECRASH: a crime novel of the sort that really gets me going. I’m excited about getting my teeth into it again.

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2 Responses to Lilos And Loungers

  1. Diane says:

    Writing it down probably has helped, but I’d also assume Gail was the first person you talked it through with … If not, that might help too.

    Have fun choosing and booking your holiday. It’ll be nice to have something to look forward to like that.

  2. sts says:

    It is always pleasure to read your site, will back here soon

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