The Only Losers In A Hung Parliament

The Only Losers In A Hung Parliament
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I got home late last night, and when I did I was starving. I popped into a shop to get the ingredients for a cake I was going to bake for work, having offered up my “baking services” as part of a charity bake-off, but the shop didn’t have what I need and it was too late to start baking anyway so I scrapped it. I was pretty pissed off about the whole thing so I had my dinner, did some reading and went to bed shattered.

As the bake-off was for a charity connected to the friend we lost from our department last month, I decided I wouldn’t be beaten. On the way in to work I bought a cake and entered it into the competition. We await the results, although as I type I’m feeling pretty sick of chocolate cake having eaten my fair share of each one before voting.

To the election. Much of the post-leaders’ debate discussion in the media has revolved around the possibility of a hung parliament, a possibility that has become increasingly likely should the final voting pattern match the polls.

There’s a consensus of opinion that the policies of the minor parties would be important in this respect. My father was recently quoted as saying: “the policies of the Scot Nats and the Welsh Nats could be important to us.”

I disagree. Firstly, a hung parliament in my opinion would be detrimental, and most certainly the one thing we could do without after this election. We need the winning party to do it with a majority under which change can be applied and Westminster doesn’t get bogged down in pathetic egotistical wrangling.

However, it does look extremely likely that a hung parliament could happen. If that’s the case, we can expect the Tories and the Liberals to spend weeks arguing over issues that are affecting the people now.

“Minor parties” such as the SNP and the Welsh equivalent, love situations like this. They see it as the perfect time to fuel the nationalistic debate and very often, as has been seen in the past, throw spanners in the works to worsen the situation yet claim political victory.

It’s not prejudice to believe and hope that a single party wins outright, just as it’s not prejudice to disagree with the nationalist point of view. If the SNP gain out of this election we can expect, sometime down the line, a referendum on independence, which if the last Scottish parliamentary election is anything to go by is likely to be a shambles. I remind you of lost ballot boxes, electronic ballot readers that spent more time crunching up and destroying ballot papers instead of counting them. The list goes on.

The only winners of a hung parliament are the nationalists of Scotland (and Wales) and because it allows them to exploit the people through negative political tactics. They can force anti-unionist agendas on people that sound great through the romance of a thousand years of Scottish history but the reality is this: the SNP are bad for Scotland because they want to cut us off from the United Kingdom, and through which many of their arguments one could argue are finely  balanced on the edge of racism and most definitely parochialism. That’s not a prejudiced view, that’s simply a sad truth.

In a hung parliament, in the short and log term, it will always be the people that lose out.

How’s that for objective thinking?

Peace and out!

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4 Responses to The Only Losers In A Hung Parliament

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  2. Any time special interests get a leg up, the people lose.

  3. Brenda says:

    Cock up? Can I use that? I think I cocked up today, but I least I caught it before I went home and called IT to fix it. Is that what happened to you?

    Politics – ick!

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