Grab My Books For Free Today Only!

Grab My Books For Free Today Only!

I’ve been unable to blog the last few days. Guess why? I have discovered the source of the recent problems with my home PC’s Windows Operating System. It appears that under most conditions, running the disk defragmenter while using MS Vista is a bad idea. I’m not the only one who has had to reinstall Vista from scratch after suffering these blackouts, the latest of which occurred just the other night.

Before I go any further, please please please make your way over to the Great E-Book Free-For-All at the Poetry Super Highway and download my books, SELEKTION and my newly released SILLY POEMS FOR WEE PEOPLE VOL.2.

Yes! You can get a free digital copy of my new book AND you will boost my download stats. You know where to go:

Tuesday’s bake-off was a treat! There were 8 cakes to choose from (I had to plead not to be disqualified for buying mine) and by 9am, having had a slice of each and then voted on them all, I felt positively stuffed and erring on the sickly.

The competition was won in the end by a fantastic chocolate cake; light, fluffy, tasty and with the most gorgeous creamy chocolate covering it. The winner received a cook book but I doubt she needed the advice. I, on the other hand, am now the proud owner of a brand new wooden spoon.

Tuesday night was a good wee evening out. I met my sister, Binny, at Ocean Terminal in Leith after work (she was working in the east for the day) and we headed to a coffee shop before going to the flix. As is customary when we are together, silliness reigned.

For some weird reason the word “Shrek” said in a low, controlled voice was funny to the point my sister was unable to take a drink of her tea. When she did finally manage a sip I uttered the word “Shrek” once more but the tea was already half way down. My sister’s eyes bulged, her breathing stopped and her hair frizzed and pointed out like a hedgehog. I administered some back slapping and cleared the blockage, which unfortunately came powering out of her lungs and all over the table covering my book and mobile phone in warm, inner-organ tasting tea.

Into the cinema upstairs then and we went to see the new Ewan MacGregor film, The Ghost. Based on the novel by Robert Harris and directed by Roman Polansky. MacGregor plays a ghost writer hired to complete the memoirs of the ex-British PM (played by Pierce Brosnan) after his predecessor died in odd circumstances. He becomes embroiled in a spy saga that goes back to the 70s.

It was a decent film; a good story with an interesting delivery, but some of the acting was a touch poor—Kim Cattrall, Brosnan and his wife (played by Olivia Williams) acted out two scenes in particular that made me cringe so much I felt like I was at an early rehearsal. You could actually see them waiting for each other to finish their lines so they could deliver theirs. The twist was apparent from early on, which disappointed because it could so easily have been a much more intense film, and the ending was a surprise leaving me feeling somewhat unsatisfied but I think that was the intention and I liked that. It went against the grain of leaving the audience with a happy ending. Decent enough entertainment, though, and a good night out with my sis as we munched away on sushi, fresh rolls, crisps and chipolatas near the back.

I got my tickets in for the final St. Mirren game of the season on May 8th. We play Aberdeen and unless we win today at Falkirk it’s going to be a high tension, do or die affair.

Time seems to have slipped away from me this month and I’m not sure why. I’ll prepare my monthly GDR review and post it tonight, meanwhile I have to get on. Have a great Saturday and before you log off PLEASE DOWNLOAD MY BOOKS!

Peace and out!

Silly Poems for Wee People Vol.2 by Colin Galbraith – Click here to order

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