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Saturday was a fun day. Up and out the house early but not to a coffee shop or anything like that, to Waverley train station and the 10am to Glasgow Queen Street. My target destination: St Mirren Park, Paisley.

I went to the game with my sister, Binny. I’d chosen different seats than our usual ones behind the goals, so this time we found ourselves at the back of the west stand next to the TV cameras almost slap bang on the half way line. It was a great view (apart from the left corner being obstructed by the TV scaffolding), but not a great game. The Saints went down one nil to an own goal against Aberdeen, in what was your typical end-of-season-and-safe-from-relegation-affair.

With a warm sun descending we waved goodbye to the football for another season and made our way back into town where my sister had parked her car at her office. I got to see where she works; her office overlooks the Clyde so I took some great snaps of the “squiggly bridge” and beyond to the south side of Glasgow.

We drove through to Edinburgh and when Binny met up with my mum and other sister, I left them to enjoy their meal in Vittoria’s before they went to see Les Miserables at the Playhouse. I headed home and prepared for my own night out, an evening with my wife’s family (which believe me, is NOT small) to celebrate her cousin’s 40th.

It was a good night although I was disappointed that they only had Foster’s Lager on tap. I had to make do but topped it up with several whiskies to keep me going. A nice wee buffet was enjoyed, also. No diet THAT evening!

Yesterday was all about reading and website development. I have two clients on the go at the moment, one who is experimenting with new ideas and the other that is more urgent but I never got the material for the new version in time. I’m working on them by priority but I didn’t spend all day on it, making sure I got through more newspapers and further into my books.

As I write we still await a new government to be formed. Negotiations are on-going; the markets are poised; Tories are bumbling and Lib Dems are mumbling—it’s all gone very crusty. I expect there to be some news in the next couple of days, though—whichever way it goes.

The week ahead promises to be a busy one. I want to get the website work completed before Thursday, because thereafter I won’t get a chance otherwise. I’m working late tomorrow night so that only leaves me two nights to get anything constructive done. Not to worry, it’s all part of my masterplan.

Peace and out!

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  1. I’m interested to see how it all shakes out.

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