Schoolboy Running The Show

Schoolboy Running The Show
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Yesterday’s Word of the Day on the mailing list was unbelievably topical; too topical, in fact, for it not to be a coincidence. Check it out:

mugwump MUHG-wuhmp, noun:
A person who is unable to make up his or her mind on an issue, esp. in politics; a person who is neutral on a controversial issue.

What an awesome word! It’s so good I wanted to keep it to myself, adopt it, father it, give it a home, but alas, it’s only a word. It remains, however, a great word and it helped spark an idea I’m unsure why I’ve never had until now.

I’ve been on the mailing list for a few years now. There’s a few of us in my office that also are and very often the word of the day has led to much debate and hilarity. We try and use the word of the day in our every day business, like finding ways to include it in communications or inserting it in lines of code, silly things like that.

Therefore, to help flex my creative muscles just that little bit more than they do during day job hours, I’m going to write a poem each day based on the Word of the Day. Starting with mugwump.

And on the day I got mugwumped it would also appear the nation is being gazumped. Gordon Brown, in a last ditch attempt to hang onto power despite losing the general election on votes, announced his plan to step down in order to influence the possibility that the Lib Dems will now switch over to Labour to form a government.

I have several problems with this. If this were to happen it would still leave the Lab-Lib coalition short of seats for a majority, therefore further negotiations will need to happen to secure it. The more links there are in a chain the weaker it is, which is why I think they should stick with the Conservatives to achieve solidity in one go. Further to this, it was the Tories who won the election on votes and so it is conceivable the country could have a government made up of the 2nd and 3rd parties on the results table. This is clearly not the stable and solid government the politicians on the TV keep harping on about.

Also, if the Lib-Lab coalition did go ahead on the basis of Brown leaving, it would mean yet another unelected Prime Minister running the country, someone who the public did not choose and was not part of the debates. This would be bad for the country, disastrous for the Labour party and devastating for politics in this country in general.

Finally, I’m beginning to feel that Nick Clegg and his chums from the Liberals are starting to take the piss. Here we have a man who only took his party to 57 seats holding the country to ransom. 57 seats his party holds, yet on one hand he is being open about talking to the Tories and on the other meeting Labour in secret and suggesting Brown go on the basis he might choose them if they do. It’s turning into a farce and not only is Clegg’s reputation plummeting as his ego takes a stranglehold, not only is he making a mockery of the general election results and the British people, but it is also highlighting the fact why people only trusted the Lib Dems to the tune of 57 seats: they can’t be trusted because they don’t have a clue what they are doing. Clegg is acting like a school kid who has found himself on the board of directors of a company by some strange fluke of fate.

I almost completed Stephen King’s On Writing last night, I just have the short story at the end to go. It’s perhaps the best book of advice on writing I have read (apart from Rebecca McClanahan’s Word Painting), and as I discovered last night, one of the most moving stories you will ever read.

In the final section King describes the accident that almost took his life. You would have expected this in an autobiography, but after reading the book to that point you really do get the feeling you know they guy and that he has been doing you a favour through all he has told. You do get how much he loves writing so when he gets hit by that van, what follows is one of the most vivid and emotional pieces of writing I’ve read. I had tears in my eyes.

Have a great Tuesday. Peace and out!

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5 Responses to Schoolboy Running The Show

  1. Diane says:

    They are going to have to prise that man out of No 10 with a crow bar.

  2. Debra Young says:

    I enjoyed King’s book as well and recently re-read it. d:)

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