Still Got It

Still Got It

Wednesday catch-up:

Day job was the day job. I met up with my wife for lunch. We ate soup and a roll in a car park near the Botanical Gardens. Such romance!

In the evening I met up with The Diners who had gathered in the town in which I reside. We started off in Deacon Brodies on the High Street, then went down to a pub on Johnston Terrace where we could take in the view over West Bow. I regaled the story of Major Thomas Weir to all (who plays a part in my WIP novella, BACCARA BURNING), before we skipped merrily onwards to Finnegan’s Wake, which has had a refit after the fire in Kushi’s Indian restaurant next door that also took out The Liquid Rooms.

From there we headed down to the White Hart Inn then back up to the High Street for some food at The Filling Station where more bevvy was consumed and not a lot of grub. Then it was down to Alba Bar via Bar Kohl, and then into The Beehive Inn until closing time. We were all very, very drunk.

The problem is down to us only being able to see each other 6 or 7 times per year. So when we do meet up we get over-excited, loud and carried away with our own brand of humour. We end up drinking way more than is proper for a week night. That said, we showed the students in Bar Kohl a thing or two about how to drink flavoured voddies, that’s for sure. Yup, our ages range from 35 to 56 but we’ve still got it!

Yesterday (Thursday) was hellish as a result. I slept in, was late for work, spent the first half of the day shedding the hangover and the second half trying to stay awake. Lunch was spent back in the pub for a department lunch. We went to Thomson’s Bar on Morrison Street for a “Pie and a Pint”, so although my pint was only Coke (it’s al I could manage) the streak pie was gorgeous. They are huge beasts of delicious pastry filled to the brim with prime steak and gravy, smothered in beans (or mushy peas if you prefer) and they are absolutely glorious.

Shortly before I left the office for the day I realised I’d come away without my house keys. I rang my wife to check she was in but she was over on the other side of Edinburgh. I was stranded and it meant I had to stay in the office longer than intended. My mood was not the best by this point but it all cleared when she rang to say she would pick me up.

I got home and headed straight for bed for a coupe of badly needed hours kip. When I woke up I was feeling so much better and managed a quick snack for dinner and with the goings on at the deconstruction workshop. I’ll catch up with all my notes a little later.

It’s now Friday and things are oh so much better. I’ll only be in the office this morning before I attend the funeral for a friend whose father died a couple of weeks ago. The cremation has been a long time coming due to one thing or another so it will be good for the family to have closure.

Until tomorrow, peace out!

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  1. I know Deacon Brodie’s, The Filling Station, and The Beehive quite well!

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