The Big Thaw

The Big Thaw
Image: The Guardian

There’s a pattern of how we Brits handle “severe” weather and every year the same thing happens. At the first sign of snow we get all excited with the novelty of it all and head out to make snowmen, go sledging and basically run around mental. Then the realisation slowly dawns on us that it’s actually a pain in the arse when the country grinds to a halt and nobody can get anywhere or do anything. Then the snow melts and we all say how terrible it all was and why didn’t the government do more?

This year we went a phase further. It actually dawned on some of the populace that the government can’t actually do anything about the weather, because it’s got more to do with where the country is located geographically than any political no-action. We’re pretty far north, it’s cold a lot of the time, and we’re at the junction of several weather fronts, which makes predicting British weather a difficult thing to do.

What’s the best thing to do in my opinion? Lock the door, make some tea and put on a good film or read a good book. Then, when you feel like it or you simply have to, go out into the snow and think about the fact that other countries live with this all year round so what’s the big deal? At least we know it’s going to melt, we just need to learn to cope with it better and not be such a bunch if moaning minnies. Take the opportunity to ask your elderly neighbours if they are okay and have enough milk for their tea – just do something nice instead of moaning about how bad it all is!

As I look out of my home office window this morning (Sunday) the sky is bright and sunny over Edinburgh and a thaw is most definitely on. Soon all the white will have disappeared and things will slowly go back to normal in time for winter. I wonder if we’ll be ready for it this time?

Ten years ago last Thursday, after three months of chasing her around, my (now) wife agreed to go on a date with me—our first one. That was ten years ago. We met after work and went to a pub on Rose Street for a couple of drinks. Ironically, it was Robertson’s Pub (my wife’s maiden name is Robertson) and it was there that our story started to unfold. Ten years—holy moly who would ever have imagined?

Back then I was a single man, a bit of a tearaway who thought nothing of taking a week off work to go touring the country on drinking session with bands. Nowadays I’m different – some of the time – mostly.

I spent all of yesterday working on my wife’s website for her photography company. The site has become too restrictive for what she wants to do with it, such has been the rapid expansion of her business. So she’s redesigned it and I’m trying to translate her ideas into code. Not easy and quite time consuming.

But with my daughter at a birthday sleepover and my wife on a birthday night out for her pal, I didn’t turn to writing last night with the house quiet and empty. Nope, I dug out lots of my old records and had a vinyl night. I stuck mainly to the early 90s and some 80s, and it was about 1am before I finally turned the speakers down. So many memories and so many laughs – halcyon days.

So, Sunday is here and other than a visit to my mother in law’s house (it’s her birthday today) I’ll be working on a website and making time later on for my GDR work. I must, simply must get back on the wagon.

Before I go, here’s a video I made at the end of last Saturday’s main Madness gig. It’s called CHUCKING OUT TIME and I guarantee you’ll be whistling this song to yourself for the rest of the day once you’ve watched it. For any Mac fans reading, the final video was made up of 3 different video recordings, cut together, given titles then uploaded to the internet ALL on my iPhone 4. Cool or what?!

If you can’t see the video, click here to watch.


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