No Such Thing as a Free Holiday

No Such Thing as a Free Holiday
Image: Villas in Algarve


And the Winner Is…
For the last five days I’ve been getting unwanted phone calls to my mobile. At first it was a Stirling number calling me once a day, then it was just withheld numbers, with the calls coming in at a rate of about four or five per day. Annoying to say the least.

Yesterday I answered one of the calls when my phone rang over lunchtime, and I’m glad I did. I’d entered a competition last week on a website I subscribe to and my name had been picked out the hat. The phone calls were from the promoter trying to get in touch to arrange the presentation.

What did I win? Get this – a fully paid week long holiday for four in a 5-star hotel in either Spain, Portugal or the Canaries’ any time I like over the next 18 months. Not too shabby, eh? A free holiday in the sun! When I told Gail she thought I was taking the piss in another one of my ridiculous practical jokes. But no, it’s genuine and the holiday is real.

Savvy Workshop
I was shattered after work yesterday but after regrouping and getting my head together, I turned out exercise 7 of the Savvy Workshop, One Story, Many Voices. We’ve moved onto the script adaptation of or stories, which is a genre I’ve had experience in before, albeit not a lot.

I adapted the crime genre I wrote as I felt it was the best fit for something I might see on the screen. No real problems other than the longish passage describing some of the history between the two protagonists. This was transformed into dialogue, which ended up adding to the piece because it revealed a little more about a definitive moment in their past.

An extra optional assignment has been put up involving a brand new scene to be scripted for the characters. I’m going to do it for two reasons: 1) I want to get as much out of this course as I can, and 2) I want to explore these characters further so I can involve and expand what I’ve been working on into something larger.

Big Audio Dynamite
That man Vic Galloway was at it again last night on his show. I tweeted to the studio that I’d heard a rumour that Big Audio Dynamite were to reform this year, and when he played one of their tracks top open the show I wondered if it was a coincidence. Turns out it’s not and then he dedicated the track to me! You can listen to Vic’s outstanding music show here (listen to the first five minutes and you’ll hear my shout out):

Today I begin the final draft of BACCARA BURNING. It’s been out of my mind for long enough that the time is right for me to get back into the ring with Stella and Randolph. I say “ring” because writing this book has been one long battle with the two of them. They fought a lot between themselves during the first draft and it’s going to be interesting refreshing myself with how it all went. Can’t wait if I’m being honest.

New Website Launched
Check out the new Gail Galbraith Wedding and Portrait Photography website –

Ciao for now!


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  1. Good luck with your revisions! And I look forward to seeing your script. Commented on exercise 7 — looking forward to the optional exercise.

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