Man About the House

Man About the House

I took the bus way, way out to the south side of Edinburgh yesterday morning, to Cameron Toll in fact, then started walking back into town. It’s a several mile treck but it was perfect walking weather: mild, bright and fresh around my baldy head.

I came across lots of music shops and other coffee shops I might like to try out later. Newington and the bridges seems to have  its own atmosphere, a different, more relaxed way of life that tenses as you reach further into the city.

I stopped in at the Spoon Cafe for a cappuccino and bumped into the UNICEF representative I met the other week. Charity work is slow and hard going but she does it every Saturday without fail. Talk about devoted.

Spoon’s coffees really are quite superb so I had another while reading the paper. There was quite a few writers in, one girl who was reeming off page after page at one of the large tables, then got up and left. I don’t think she even ordered anything to drink.

The Confident Freelancer
Back home and half of my afternoon was spent jumping in and out of the
Confident Freelancer Webinar. Between the two ladies running the show, Lori Widmer and Devon Ellington , a wealth of experience and great advice was imparted then discussed between the attendees.

I kept my postings to what I knew and what I’ve decided to focus my freelance writing on: music. It made for some interesting comparisons when discussions regarding how we go about generating ideas and cultivating new clients took place. I work in a very different freelance environment to when I first set out, so it was interesting to hear about other people’s experiences and problems compared to the ones I face.

There was only one very minor technical issue to deal with, so from what I can gather the whole thing went very well. Here’s hoping Lori and Devon do more of these and it continues to grow.

Man About the House
The rest of my time was spent working with my daughter. Her new bed had arrived so she was taking the opportunity to re-arrange her room, which in turn meant I had to get stuck in and do all of the heavy work for her.

The old bed was dismantled and the new one was put together. Getting it up the stairs and into the bedroom was much harder than either of us had envisaged but we got there. Her desk was moved and a LOT of stuff was binned. The TV aerial that had become unwired after a recent gale had to be fixed, so up to the roof cavity I went to get it fixed. Job done, and now she can watch the telly in the comfort of her own room. As can I.

To celebrate the day of hard work, we watched a film – Ratatouille – along with a small and cosy pizza. It was a nice end to the day.

More to do on the conference later today, meantime, I’m heading off for some fresh Sunday morning coffee and a pastry. I’m not as tired as I thought I would be with the clock’s going forward one hour last night. Oh, you did remember didn’t you…?


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