Research Trip and July’s GDR Plan

Research Trip and July's GDR Plan
Image: School of GeoSciences

Today I’m heading off on a research trip. An actual trip!

With a couple of days away from the day job I figured I’d use the time productively now that the bulk of my writing tasks are complete for the year. And so I head off merrily to the Borders on the train to go in search of an area I specifically researched for use while writing GATECRASH, my new crime novel.

The problem is, it’s such a key area of the book it’s not the kind of thing I can write about easily and know I’m doing a good job without actually being there to feel it and sense it. I need to be inside it, so I’m jumping on a train for the day and heading south.

In the meantime, as I’m about to head off to Rhodes in the next few days for two weeks of sea, sun and whatever drink the Greeks have that start with the letter ‘S’, here is my GDR for July. This GDR work plan is different in that it will run until the 12th August, the day before the book festival starts and not end in July as normal.

Monthly GDR Plan

* Submit and recycle fiction
* Redraft new short fiction

* Work on layout and design of Edinburgh/Leith chapbook
* Complete 1st draft of London chapbook
* Continue work with artist on SP3 illustrations

* Send interview questions to Rob for RR September issue interview

* Keep all my websites updated and relevant* Update website with Signed Books page – scrapped; built into existing pages.
* Develop more ideas and for Hidden/Secret page on website (if time)
* Keep GGP website up to date
* Start work on new GGP Boudoir website

* Prepare marketing material for Edinburgh Book Shop launch
* Continue to promote the Kindle books
* Make contact with Elvis Shakespeare on back of EBS success
* Plan out book Book Festival Podcasts

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1 Response to Research Trip and July’s GDR Plan

  1. The emotional geography you get by being in the place will make all the difference in your book.

    Have a blast in Rhodes!

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