Media and Marketing

Media and Marketing
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Friday is here thank goodness and it feels like it’s been a heck of a long week. The day job is responsible for these feelings of dragged out days, but outwith these shifts I’m making good progress on the writing front. One day at a time; I told you it would work.

Family in London
My parents sound like they’re having a blast in London. They also sound like they’re filming the next generation of Carry On films! So far my father has managed to get tipsy on the flight down, cracked his head off the inside of a bomber cockpit in the British Museum, and then boarded the wrong cruise boat on the Thames. Add to that the text I got from my mother to say if she got bored she was going to “pop into Spearmint Rhino later on”, you can start to imagine the kind of break they are having.

Media & Marketing
I was very busy in this field yesterday. I drafted a plan (because they are getting more complicated with things to remember) of all the marketing and media requirements I have for the release of each new book. This is going to be valuable purely as a check list now that there are so many avenues with which to promote and sell my books.

The August edition of The Patter, my quarterly newsletter, is all but ready. I’ll give it one more proper proofread before scheduling it for distribution.

I’m almost ready to go with my Media & Marketing Plan for August. I created a new blog page to centralise everything, and it is here you can get access to all the things I am going to kick of with this August as the Edinburgh Book Festival. You can find this new media and marketing page here: or alternatively use the EdBookFest link from the top menu on my blog page.

The Colin Galbraith Podcast
So podcasting is now almost a reality for me. The only thing remaining after the work I completed last night, is to configure the feed between iTunes and my podcast repository. This isn’t as easy as it sounds but there is a lot of information available on the Net and a nifty wee WordPress plug-in I’m using. I’ll get there.

On the media side of the podcasts, I created a snazzy intro/outro tune. It’s only 20 seconds long and in it I introduce the podcast, but it’s the first time I’ve used the technology to create it and it works a treat. It’s going to be a lot of fun putting these podcasts together.

Chapbook Work
In the morning before work I continued my work on the London chapbook (I really need to find a working title for this) and I feel as though I’m almost at the stage I can write the poems up into the computer. There’s a lot to do on this—more than POOLSIDE POETRY 2—because I still have no idea of the balance, style, fonts, images and ambiance of the resulting book.

POOLSIDE POETRY finally has a new front cover. I’ve not launched it yet but it is far superior to the crappy picture of me standing in the sea at Portobello reading a copy of one of my own books. This new cover captures the spirit of the book in a much more attractive fashion.

Friday Vid
This weeks Friday Vid is one of my very own creations. It’s a bit whacky and geeky but I like it. I like the music too. It’s called, Rhodes to Edinburgh in under 5 minutes. If you can’t see it, click here.


Ciao for now!

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  1. You are on a roll! Congrats!

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