Building Up to the Edinburgh Book Festival

Building Up to the Edinburgh Book Festival
The Colin Galbraith Podcast: Episode 1
I got a lot of work done on the podcast process yesterday. I wrote up a checklist and reference sheet of things to do and remember for each podcast, the aim of which is to try and make the process quicker and smoother, particularly for when they are being recorded and produced. I have to get these things mixed and available soon after they have been recorded if this experiment is going to work.

I also wrote up and developed a list of future show ideas, what they will be about and contain, etc. Then I wrote the script for the first episode, which I then recorded and mixed in the evening. It comes in at around 12 minutes and is available now.

You can stream or download it from here or the media player in the right hand menu:


You can subscribe to it on iTunes: [click here]

And you can also listen to it on SoundCloud if you should so wish: [click here]

It’s my first podcast and this is a new venture, so I’m hoping you will all bear with me. It’s a bit raw, probably a bit tight, but over the course of the next few weeks I’m hoping to vastly improve on the one before. My aim is to bring home the excitement and fun to be had at the Edinburgh Book Festival.

I’m also likely to make an arse of myself at some point so it’s definitely worth subscribing to.

London Chapbook
I completed the first draft of the London chapbook yesterday morning, sitting in the coffee shop while it chucked it down with rain outside. Over time the poems have become scattered throughout large sections of my notebook as I have been scribbling them in through time. So now I have no idea how many I have written or what the general feel is.

I suspect there may be quite a lot when I come to typing them up.

No title for this one as yet and no clues as to how I want to lay it out either. The main thing has been making sure to get all my ideas and angles down on paper first, and then I can work on the rest of it.

Rhodes Chapbook
I’ve made a decision regarding the new Poolside chapbook that was written in Rhodes. I WON’T be calling it Poolside Poetry 2 after all, but instead have changed my mind significantly and renamed it as follows: MORE POOLSIDE POETRY.

The excitement never ends!

Summer Newsletter
The summer edition of The Patter, my regular quarterly newsletter, is now online over at Make sure you subscribe while you’re there so you can get future newsletters delivered straight to your email, as well as being the first to hear about all the new releases that are coming your way – including podcasts!

Tartan Shops Hushed
Good news for all those people who get hacked off with the constant blaring of bagpipe music from “Tartan shops” in Edinburgh—including me—as they will have their sound systems seized if they continue to do it. It follows a crackdown after a recent meeting with Trading Standards and the Council, which has resulted in environmental officers patrolling the streets to make sure Traders don’t break the new rules that came into force on Monday. Read more here.

Tomorrow’s Special Guest
Don’t forget to tune in to my blog tomorrow for a very special article. I recently hooked up with Annabel Aidan, author of the brilliant Assumption of Right, and the result was a spectacular interview about writing, politics, witchcraft and what it’s like to work on Broadway with the Secret Service.

You do NOT want to miss this!

Ciao for now!

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2 Responses to Building Up to the Edinburgh Book Festival

  1. Rob says:

    Re podcast #1: A tentative start Colin, but a confident and informative one. Good job, that man! 🙂

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