Ranfurly Review 16 Now Available

Ranfurly Review 16 Now Available
Image: Ranfurly Review

It feels like Friday. It feels like it should be Friday. Maybe getting an #FF this morning is what confused me, because for one glorious moment I hoped it was be Friday.

Alas, it’s only Thursday.

The Ranfurly
The latest issue of the Ranfurly Review is now out. Hop over to the website and download it for free as a PDF file, compatible with all e-readers, mobile devices, PCs and Macs.

It’s got some good stuff in it, has this edition. I finally got to publish a cracking piece of punk fiction and there’s some top notch poetry from one of my personal favourite poets going, Keith Armstrong. His work is brilliant—check it out.

Publishing RR is what took up most of my evening: the front cover, layout proofs and the website. That and transferring more CDs over to iTunes; the laborious process continues and I reckon I’m about half way now.

I finished reading J.A. Konrath’s Origin. It was a book that perfectly highlights why one must not always listen to the agents and publishers that turn down works of fiction, as it was a whole load of fun to read. Most enjoyable.

Konrath is an author who is fast racing up my chart of writers I enjoy. Origin has some memorable characters—Sunshine, Andy and Dr. Belgium, Race, the Rabi and the Priest—all memorable characters with some real edge-of-the-seat scenes, I’d recommend it to any fans of the techno-thriller genre. Not that I’m very big on it myself, but I sometimes like to read books that move fast and are action-packed, and in Konrath, I always seem to get it.

Pippin's new homeBunny Action
Pippin has settled into her new home well. With the toilet compartment being on the other side of the hutch to the old one, she’s got a bit confused where to poop but she’ll get there in the end. She’s also still to get used to the ceiling suddenly disappearing and a hand coming in, but she’ll get used to that too. She gets petted more than she ever used to – and she likes that!

I’ve had a busy and productive week and it all comes to a point today. Big changes are happening in the house after all the DIY preparation I’ve been doing, and I have a few things to tie off on the writing front before I disappear through to Glasgow for a couple of days starting tomorrow.

My sister and I are going for an Indian meal on Friday and then having a “bro-sis night it” followed by a day out with my mum. We’re taking in a play at the Citizens Theatre and then going for a meal. Can’t wait!

Have a great day; peace and out!

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1 Response to Ranfurly Review 16 Now Available

  1. That cover is GORGEOUS!

    Have a great weekend in Glasgow!

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